Tomaga set to release Futura Grotesk LP on Hands in the Dark. Ew!

I just found a rotten banana peel at the bottom of my stupid backpack that I stupidly forgot about for at least two weeks. It’s disgusting. It got all over my stupid fancy books and headphones and I’m filled with materialistic self-loathing.

Then, oh boy, Tomaga show up envisioning an even uglier future. The London-based duo of Valentina Magaletti and Thomas Corvid have only transmitted one shadowy, scattered tape so far, promising that Sleepy Jazz for Tired Cats was the beginning of a longer career. Now French label Hands in the Dark has announced Tomaga’s first full-length: Futura Grotesk is out November 12.

This promise of a nasty time to come is unnerving, sure, but at least it’s paired with broken jazz rhythms and woozy synths. Seven whole tracks of dystopic, psychedelic visions, on an edition of 500 LPs, each with a download code. No pre-order yet, but keep your eyes peeled. “Peeled.” Like banana peel. Ewwwww.

Futura Grotesk tracklisting:

01. Alphabet of Night
02. Long Term Green
03. Malintesi
04. Futura Grotesk
05. Taste the Indifference
06. Mountain Opener
07. Days Like They Were Before

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Saga to release Flight Risk EP on Lit City Trax

Sure, we can talk about footwork. Let’s talk about how those crazy dance moves associated with the genre have led to NY label Lit City Trax (founded by J-Cush, DJ Spinn, and DJ Rashad) figuratively dancing off the reservation, narrowly missing the oncoming locomotive, and into serious organ-vibrating territory! The Visionist EP I’m Fine is certainly one such example of this, and now an associate of Louis Carnell himself is set to join in on the increasingly inclusive fun. We’re in the African grasslands somewhere, and the herbivorous Saga is approaching Lake Lit City in order to quench his thirst. There’s nary a croc in sight!

Last year, Dublin-born producer Saga released his debut Crescent EP on Visionist’s Lost Codes label, and this year marks the release of a different debut for a different (but loosely affiliated) outfit — Flight Risk on Lit City Trax October 21. Sans original vocals, the EP falls squarely within the “grime” category, with each track being hard-hitting, save some synth strings necessary for the alleviation of the soul.

No tracks to share yet, but listen to some snippets from that Crescent EP here. The new one’s generally in the same vein.

Flight Risk tracklisting:

01. Flight Risk
02. Crest
03. Grains
04. Shades
05. Whistle Grip
06. With Slap

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Mike & Cara Gangloff (Pelt, Black Twig Pickers) set to release new album Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life

Mike and Cara Gangloff (both of Pelt and Black Twig Pickers fame) seem to have a compulsive attitude to recording and releasing some iteration of the “down-home folk with a psych twist” album. In some sort of brief pause between Pelt and Twig Picking duties, their co-conspirator Nathan Bowles has gone off and done a solo album, so Mr. Gangloff has upped the bid and assembled a triptych of goodness.

Hot on the heels of his solo effort Poplar Hollow and the sublimeMelodies for a Savage Fix he recorded with Steve Gunn, both Gangloffs are now offering up Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life via MIE Records on November 3.

As opposed to the knee-slapping solo album and the far-out Gunn collaboration, Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life is promised as being stripped back, gut-wrenching folk, with a couple of traditional standards thrown in for good measure.

Because Pelt crew can’t help but collaborate, they’ll also be performing a super showcase in London on November 16 that will see Pelt being supported by solo sets from each member of the band. Love-in ahoy! More details are here.

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Constellation Tatsu follows up “Summer Batch” with “Fall Batch,” five new tapes for you to score soon

Constellation Tatsu knows that 2014 is almost up, but they aren’t going down without getting a few more warped, ambient cassettes into your greedy little hands. Steven Ramsey’s Oakland-based label has had a quite a year so far, putting out tapes by Pulse Emitter and Hakobune, along with a host of others. Information on the forthcoming batch is somewhat scarce, but new Tatsu is new Tatsu, so let’s get excited~~!!

There will be a “Fall Batch” of four cassettes released November 1. First up is the surprisingly difficult to Google Night & Tickets with the well-titled Actually I Really Hate Summer. Montreal-based composer Kara-Lis Coverdale will materialize her previously digital-only collection A 480, while Philadelphia zoner Xepter Rose drifts off through Selenitic Landscapes. Finally, Food Pyramid member Chris Farstad re-dons his 555 alias for a follow up to this year’s Moon Glyph-issued CS Nine Gates with Swan River Yogue.

If you really feel like planning ahead, Tatsu has a special “Holiday Recess Tape” planned for December 1 release: Meditations on Mindfulness comes from Brian Griffith’s GREYGHOST project.

Nothing’s available for order yet, and no streams are up, but keep your eyeballs on TMT or CTATSU HQ for all the freshest updates.

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Nazoranai (Haino/O’Malley/Ambarchi) announce new full-length with title so long it definitely won’t fit in this headline, out November 11

If I understood science and subjective human experience enough to set my watch against anything other than other clocks, the second thing on my list to give a shot at watch-setting by (right after the sounds of my roommate doing his violent take on hot yoga in the living room every morning) would be collaborative releases that somehow involve Keiji Haino doing his live collaborative thing. Shit is like literal clockwork. And now, as you have likely intuited, the clock has again struck: Haino’s group with luminaries/best buds Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley (who are themselves no strangers to clock-like collaboration) Nazoranai has announced its follow-up to their 2012 self-titled debut.

The album is out November 11 via Ideologic Organ (pre-order here). It’s called the most painful time/ happens only once/ has it arrived already..?”. You can peep the poem-like tracklist and an excerpt from the album opener below. Beyond that, there’s not really much I can tell you by way of preparation. Nazoranai play rock music stuffed through the free-improv apocalypse-tilted brains of its three constituents. The album was recorded by Chris Fullard, mixed by Joe Talia and Oren Ambarchi, and mastered by Rashad Becker, as is the custom. Ambarchi is credited with playing the battery on this release. There will be no survivors.

the most painful time/ happens only once/ has it arrived already..?” tracklist:

01. you should look closely
those shattered spells
never attaining embodiment as prayer
they are born here again
02. will not follow
your hoax called history
03. who is making the time rot
04. the most painful time
happens only once
has it arrived already..?

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Why buy the world’s first electronic synthesizer? The answer is WHY NOT

When you’ve tired of collecting Ming vases, buying up private islands in the shape of snails, palm trees, etc. and hunting the Most Dangerous Game, what’s a monied, eclectic sort supposed to do? Ah, that’s it. Thank you, FACT. Buy the world’s first electronic synthesizer. That’s what you do.

Imagine the fulfillment and short-lived passion glossing over an empty, essentially meaningless existence that this 1905 synth built of wood and brass (so steampunk) built by a dude named Max Kohl could bring. Nineteenth-century physicist and early Kraftwerk fan Hermann Von Hemholtz designed this thing, using tuning forks to generate tones through the magic of electromagnetism. The auction house, Bonham’s, states that these things are “extremely rare, with only one similar but smaller apparatus located in a US institution that we know of” and that this one’s in pretty good shape for (surely) having survived so many steampunk raves. If you want this thing and you got $$$, the auction takes places October 22 in NYC. Hell, you’re probably there already. The asking price is $20,000-$30,000, which is less than a year’s tuition at Sarah Lawrence, so why not? YOLO.

• Bonham’s listing:

Faust tell the tale of j US t, a new full-length, birthed as a being in cosmic time, out November 28

What are you doing right now? “Well, I don’t know, I was just pulling out my calendar actually…” Damn right you were. You were pulling it out because you had the premonition that I was about to come to you to drop some knowledge about a new Faust full-length that’s coming out in November on Bureau B. “Uhh, didn’t I read about that on Pitchfork already?” Shut up. Whatever.

Look: the album is called j US t which is pronounced, apparently, “Just Us,” and it’s coming out November 28. It’s the first album from the long-standing krautrock band since 2011’s Something Dirty. Do you blanche when writers on the internet call bands “legendary” or “seminal?” Well then you better cover your ears/eyes/nose because these guys are both legendary and seminal at the same time! Through break-ups, weird bifurcations, and now a total of six different generations of Apple’s iPhone, the group has persisted as one of the galaxy’s foremost practitioners of krautrock depth-charging. They’re planning to pop off a couple of dates in November of this year and December of next year, which are all posted below. You can pre-order the album here, and check out snippets of three of the album’s tracks via the embed below.

j US t tracklist:

01. gerubelt
02. 80hz
03. sur le ventre
04. cavaquiñho
05. gammes
06. nähmaschine
07. nur nous
08. palpitations
09. der kaffee kocht
10. eeeeeeh…
11. ich bin ein pavian
12. ich sitze immer noch


10.04.14 - Lisboa, Portugal - OUT Festival
11.01.14 - Berlin, German - Kulturfabrik Moabit
11.21.14 - Paris, France - BBmix
11.22.14 - Brest, France - Festival Invisible
12.11.15 - Warsaw, Poland - jhp/art

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• Bureau B:

Thom Yorke announces new solo album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, to be distributed through BitTorrent

Just got a personal email from Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich, as we do from time to time (less frequently since The King of Limbs), and after inquiring about the health of everyone on the TMT staff, Mr. Yorke and Mr. Godrich informed us that a new Radiohead-Related Commerce Experiment® will soon be underway!

Check the full details and then go bug them for a release date [Update: good job gang! The album is already up for $6 download right here]:

As an experiment we are using a new version of BitTorrent to distribute a new Thom Yorke record.

The new Torrent files have a pay gate to access a bundle of files..

The files can be anything, but in this case is an ‘album’.

It’s an experiment to see if the mechanics of the system are something that the general public can get its head around …

If it works well it could be an effective way of handing some control of internet commerce back to people who are creating the work.

Enabling those people who make either music, video or any other kind of digital content to sell it themselves.

Bypassing the self elected gate-keepers.

If it works anyone can do this exactly as we have done.

The torrent mechanism does not require any server uploading or hosting costs or ‘cloud’ malarkey.

It’s a self-contained embeddable shop front…

The network not only carries the traffic, it also hosts the file. The file is in the network.

Oh yes and it’s called

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes tracklist:

01. A Brain in a Bottle
02. Guess Again!
03. Interference
04. The Mother Lode
05. Truth Ray
06. There Is No Ice (for My Drink)
07. Pink Section
08. Nose Grows Some

• Thom Yorke:

Black Francis announces October dates in support of his breakfast addiction to dodo egg omelets

Hey, before I tell you about the epic East Coast tour he’s embarking on this fall, I have to ask: did you guys know that “Black Francis” is actually the stage name “contrived by and for Charles Thompson during his residency in college rock band the Pixies, a period that ran from the group’s formation in Boston during 1986 until 1993 when the group split up”??? Because I totally had NO IDEA that those two were the same guy until I read this black-as-fuck press release detailing some October tour dates that Black Francis has on his black-ass agenda! Boy, is my face red!!!

Further, were you aware that Thompson released many [subsequent] albums under his deliciously clever “Frank Black” moniker, but returned to the Black Francis name for 2007’s Bluefinger and several noisier albums that followed, such as 2010’s self-released The Golem Rock Album and his score for the 1920 silent film of the same name!? …You were?!? Man, where have I BEEN?!? Boy, I am one lazy excuse for a rock music writer, reader.

Oh well. Anyway, so now that we’ve established that this Chris Thompson/Frank Black/Black Francis person is all the same guy and that he’s pretty famous and pop-musicologically significant… what the heck is he touring the East Coast of the US this October for???

Oh. Nothing.

(Whew, turns out I’m not the only lazy one.)

Frank Black Francis tour dates:

10.13.14 - Indianapolis, IN - Radio Radio
10.14.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Thunderbird Café
10.15.14 - Hudson, NY - Club Helsinki
10.16.14 - Boston, MA - Arts At The Armory
10.19.14 - Northampton, MA - Parlor Room

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Fugazi to release First Demo in November as a reward to patient boys everywhere

“I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait [for the release of Fugazi’s first demo. But now my wait is over! Dischord is releasing First Demo on November 18. Recorded in 1988 at Inner Ear Studio after the group had played a mere 10 shows, the demo has not been previously released in any wide capacity. Of the demo’s 11 recordings, only “In Defense of Humans” has ever received a proper release, appearing on the 1989 State of the Union compilation. However, the majority of the songs on the group’s initial demo appeared in different recorded forms on later Fugazi releases. Many of the tracks appeared on the EPs that formed 13 Songs, while others surfaced on Repeater and the 3 Songs EP. One track, “Furniture,” even popped up on a 2001 EP bearing the track’s name. Recently, Fugazi finished the initial round of uploads for the Fugazi Live Series project, an archive of hundreds of Fugazi live recordings.]”

— Fugazi, “Waiting Room”

First Demo tracklist:

01. Waiting Room
02. Merchandise
03. Furniture
04. Song #1
05. The Word
06. Bad Mouth
07. Break-In
08. Turn Off Your Guns
09. And the Same
10. In Defense of Humans
11. Joe #1

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