Mix Tapes

Songs to listen to while dining with your Vicodin-addicted grandmother

Bands That Are Trying To Make Pet Sounds, Again

I Don't Want To Live Here Anymore

Why the fuck can't I sleep? Please, please, make me a tape that will relax me and not distract me in

You Say Potato, I Say Get The Fuck On The Dancefloor

Are We Boyfriend & Girlfriend or Not?

Moving into your first apartment

Fuck you, I don't need a hall pass

Corny makes me uncomfortable, but I love you

Songs that won't drive me crazy when I'm massaging my clients.

"Tiny Mix Tapes Never Makes Me A Mix" Blues

Beautiful Songs by Girls with Beautiful Voices NOT about Love or Heartbreak

You Don't Look Anything Like Your Match.Com Profile

Mix for a Bipolar Relationship

Songs to drunkenly ride my bike to while the cops are chasing me

As glamorous as my $35 Chanel red lipstick...

I'm unemployed and you may be pregnant...