Mix Tapes

Secret lives of Swedish Fish and other candy-coated oddities

Snap/Crackle/Pop if actual music came from my rice krispies

Up in the middle of the night with baby

Songs to show my music snob husband that I can find cool new music too

I Just Had My Pocket Vacuumed

I never knew having an affair would be so much work.

But I Want to Join the Ranks of Those Cool, Hipster Kids That Dance to Songs I Don't Know

Songs to wrap around yourself like a security blanket

I Want Music to Terrify Me

Songs Featuring Talking

I need wedding reception music that doesn't suck.

Captain Planet's Lonely Hearts Club.

What Thoreau Would Have Listened to While Writing Walden

Songs that will make me vomit with homesickness

I Just Had My Pocket Vacuumed

I had to remake all of my childhood memories so you could be real.