Mix Tapes

I Just Had My Pocket Vacuumed

I had to remake all of my childhood memories so you could be real.

I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school.

Stitching Night - Music to Sew By Pt II

I've cut my foot and the floor's full of salt.

Yes, it was me. I threw the burrito at your windshield AGAIN.

A mix tape for wondering if TMT is fucking serious about Neutral Milk Hotel

I Need More Pretty Girl Voices Songs

A mix so "folk" that if one were to plant it, grass would grow.

Songs That Belong Inside a Fortune Cookie III

Metaphors for Big Dicks

Songs with literary references to play in the independent book store where I work

Songs to show my little brother that being "popular" in high school doesn't mean shit. He's cooler A

Songs For Feeling Small And Defenseless

Songs That Go Nicely With Cigarettes Pt. II