Yves Malone - Golden Twilight of the Black Sun [Cerberus]

Dommel Mosel - Crybaby [Cerberus]

Mahjoop - Mahjoop [Cerberus]

Golden Gardens - Mirror of Silver [Cerberus]

500mg - To the Firmament [Cerberus]

Henry Knollenberg - The Neptune Social Animation, Pt. 2 [Cerberus]

Christina Carter - L'Etoile de Mer [Cerberus]

HAXXXORS - Brain Water [Cerberus]

Fountain - 2 [Cerberus]

Eleven Year Old - American Lizards [Cerberus]

Wume - Maintain [Cerberus]

Syko Friend - Problem Child [Cerberus]

Chinese Girls - Pop Life/Of [Cerberus]

Andrew Weathers Ensemble - Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything [Cerberus]

Saif Mode - Troubled Heart [Cerberus]

Good Cop - Good Cop [Cerberus]

Les Sorciers du Theil - Polyte Deshaies [Cerberus]

Cold Coffee - Laundromat [Cerberus]

#tits - Only Bangers [Cerberus]

Odessey & Oracle - The Odessey & Oracle and The Casiotone Orchestra [Cerberus]