Elli and Bev - Might Not Look Like It To You [Cerberus]

øjeRum - There is a flaw in my iris [Cerberus]

The Frightening Lights - The Frightening Lights [Cerberus]

Mind Over Mirrors - The Voice Calling [Cerberus]

New Cowboy Builders - Black Moses [Cerberus]

Mechanimal - Secret Science [Cerberus]

Bryan Counter & Satchel Forrester - Twice Stopped [Cerberus]

Poi - Teenage Dolomites [Cerberus]

Lubec - The Thrall [Cerberus]

Opaline - Projector Mapping [Cerberus]

Brother JT - Lo Bias Hi Noise [Cerberus]

The Pen Test - Interstate [Cerberus]

Micromelancolié - Ensemble Faux Pas [Cerberus]

$.99 Cent Dreams - Spei Res [Cerberus]

Amanda Feery - Spells from the Ice Age [Cerberus]

Blood Sister - Blood Sister [Cerberus]

Jeff Henderson, Vicky Mettler, Raphael Foisy and Felix Lachance - Built Like a Brick Shithouse [Cerberus]

Glou Glou - Hymn Her Hum [Cerberus]

Sad Horse - Purple on Purple Makes Purple [Cerberus]

Endo Kame - Blue Dream [Cerberus]


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