The Kooks to Tour, Me to Wonder If I Was Destined to Fall In Love With a Less Quirky British Version [News Article]

Black Lips to Tour, Probably to Piss Onstage and/or Get Naked [News Article]

Howard Stern To Remake Rock ‘n' Roll High School, Still No Word As To Whether The Ramon [News Article]

Ra Ra Riot To Tour, Spin Editors to Wet Themselves, TMT Newswriter Recalls Pregnant Lady Play [News Article]

Ani DiFranco To Release 20th Album, Napolitano Cites Concerns: Economy, Inability for '90s Feminists [News Article]

The Verve to Release Forth; Forth To Apparently Include Ten Tracks That Are Not “ [News Article]

Boy George Cancels Tour, Ticketholders Forced to Stay Home and Shoot up While Listening to Culture C [News Article]

Patti Smith documentary out this September, Me to note in a roundabout way that I (sort of) think Pa [News Article]

Dizzee Rascal adds more dates to tour, Grime beats to inevitably be appropriated by imitators, Me to [News Article]

Aesop Rock to Release Instrumentals, A Capellas, and Lyrics for None Shall Pass, Carrie Brads [News Article]

Will Sheff to Reveal Part II of Concept Project Saga Thing, Kids to Overuse This Subsequent Release [News Article]

The Jealous Girlfriends to Tour with Sea Wolf, You to Go to a Show, Your Annoying Girlfriend to Dema [News Article]

Burger King To Lay a Greasy, Trans-Fatty Paw in the Ring Tone Biz, Shimmy-Shakin'-Ring-Ringz To Be O [News Article]

Bill Callahan to Tour, Me to Not Make Fun of Him, Find Happiness, Appreciate Life, Subsequently Appr [News Article]

RIAA Sues Homeless Man For Cardboard Boxes, Can of Beans, Cool Stick Thing With Tied Polka Dot Kerch [News Article]

Band of Horses to Tour, Some Indie Kids to Not Have Real Taste and Misunderstand Ben Bridwell's Alco [News Article]

Bad Brains to Release Box Set, Tour South America; You to Prepare for Wet T-Shirt Contests [News Article]

Jamie Lidell to Tour, Me to (Potentially) Go See Jamie Lidell in D.C. this June and Throw Frilly Pan [News Article]

Study on Jazz Proves Improvisation Indicates That Brain Engaged in High Creative Thought, No One to [News Article]

Cursive to Tour, Hipsters to Experience Tim Kasher Beard-Lust [News Article]