Pixies release iPhone "super-app"; Kim Deal learns what an iPhone is [News Article]

Treasure Island Festival announces lineup, including DFA 1979, Flying Lotus, and Explosions in the Sky; Robert Louis Stevenson curates his own stage [News Article]

A.V. Club throw their hat into the festival ring and announce Chicago music festival [News Article]

Beauty Pill reunite, decide to make up for lost time by recording new album in public [News Article]

Tim Kasher announces new tourdates and tour-only EP, tries and fails to not write about relationships [News Article]

Beirut announces new album details, maybe decides to take it easy with that whole Euro-Balkan-folk-French-pop thing [News Article]

Rock the Bells lineup announced, Lauryn Hill to play entirety of Miseducation (that's the plan anyway) [News Article]

Kathryn Calder announces new tourdates, still wonders who her mother is [News Article]

Cibo Matto announce reunion tour and new album, proving that every band will eventually reunite, even The Smiths [News Article]

The Rosebuds announce new album, tourdates, and instructions that you bring a box of tissues to their shows [News Article]

Her Space Holiday break up and announce final album; devout fans contemplate starting glitch-pop bands in tribute [News Article]

Elliott Smith documentary screening at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival; five unreleased songs by Smith surface [News Article]

Lil Wayne announces many opportunities for you to spend a calm, relaxing evening with him [News Article]

Bon Iver announces summer tourdates, promises to bring an inflatable pool and Slip-N-Slide to each show [News Article]

Northside Festival 2011 adds tons of bands, congratulates itself on having such good taste [News Article]

Pinback announce new tourdates and Record Store Day 7-inch (as in vinyl, not sub sandwich) [News Article]

Wildbirds & Peacedrums tour North America and support women simultaneously [News Article]

Modest Mouse announce four tourdates to make sure you don't forget about them [News Article]

Death Cab for Cutie announce "intimate venue" tour; Ben Gibbard and the word "intimate" really do not go together [News Article]

Chad VanGaalen titles new album Diaper Island; toddlercore sweeps the nation [News Article]


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