Sidi Touré reflects on turbulence in his native Mali with new album <em>Alafia</em> [News Article]

GG Allin is back! In bobblehead form! [News Article]

King Khan & The Shrines will overwhlem you with all their upcoming stuff [News Article]

Ducktails returns to TMT news feed with a new video and tour [News Article]

Andrew Cedermark tries to go home again this July with <em>Home Life</em> [News Article]

Dirty Beaches announces a tour and support for antiquated technology with cassette release [News Article]

Ital and Hieroglyphic Being team up to form Interplanetary Prophets, release an EP, and save the galaxy [News Article]

Oozing Wound sign with Thrill Jockey and will ooze out a full album this October [News Article]

<em>After Dark 2</em> compilation released for free to prove Italians still, still do it better [News Article]

David Lynch follows up <em>Crazy Clown Time</em> with <em>The Big Dream</em>. Instead of a new movie :( [News Article]

Sun Araw's European vacation: more guitars, less Chevy Chase (sadly) [News Article]

Kendrick Lamar is coming to a college near you and you probably can't see him [News Article]

King Dude expands his dominion with West Coast tour and new video [News Article]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor global trek continues, cuz the party don't stop [News Article]

Dan Deacon taking a chance, remixing new Flaming Lips album in its entirety [News Article]

Jandek box set of three early albums emerges from the abyss for Record Store Day [News Article]

Sparks announce first-ever live album (after taking their precious time) [News Article]

White Fence has single vision with the release of <em>Cyclops Reap</em> [News Article]

Thrill Jockey announces a slew of releases for Record Store Day, including Oval reissues and Double Dagger's final LP [News Article]

Sun City Girls raid the vaults and ready a new compilation of singles and rarities [News Article]


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