Congressmen Look to Investigate Ticketmaster/Live Nation Merger, All Sacco and Vanzetti-Style [News Article]

One in Three Is a Music Pirate; You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves! [News Article]

Minneapolis Proposes to Ban 18+ Shows Due to Binge Drinking Concerns [News Article]

Madonna State Accident Kills Two, Manslaughter Investigation Opened [News Article]

New Pirate Bay will Become a Pay Site [News Article]

Nine Inch Nails Final Tour, Plus Some Advice for Aspiring Musicians from Mr Reznor Himself [News Article]

EMI's New Cost-Cutting Measure: Refusing to Sell Music to Mom & Pop Stores! [News Article]

Get Ready for Battles' Tyondai Braxton's Solo LP [News Article]

The Twilight Sad to Release New LP in September Despite Ongoing Depression [News Article]

Precedent Set: Judge Instructs $1.92 Million Payment to RIAA in P2P Downloading Case [News Article]

Swedish Court Rules Judge Was Not Biased Against Pirate Bay (North Korea Would be Proud!) [News Article]

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon Criticizes Radiohead's In Rainbows Model but Wishes She Had Come Up [News Article]

A Belligerent Russia, Concerns Over Energy Security, Terrorist Threats, Lifting Europe Out of Recess [News Article]

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Out on September 11 – Bashing Auto-Tune is Officially Cool [News Article]

Clueless Pop Mega-Star, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Attempts to Sue Anonymous Bloggers (Because He's R [News Article]

Record Labels Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine: Usenet Site Sues Dutch RIAA [News Article]

Recession Busting 101 – Tax Breaks for Live Music Venues [News Article]

RIAA Looking for People Who Hate File-Sharers and Enjoy Lawsuits: 62 New Lawsuits in April [News Article]

Pelican tour with Isis: Mum and Dad-Friendly Metal Coming to a Town Near You [News Article]

You Can Now Listen to All Major NIN Releases in Their Entirety via the NIN: Access iPhone App; Your [News Article]


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