Brooklyn Philharmonic announces five Beethoven Remix finalists and shows that classical and electronic really are better together [News Article]

Dent May announces sophomore album, shares SXSW schedule, and invites you to his summer fun beach party (there might even be a moonbounce) [News Article]

Beach House jump the gun on summer and start playing surf rock. Not really, but they have posted a track from their new album [News Article]

Young Man releasing Vol. 1 on Frenchkiss Records. And he's not just confusing everyone, he's touring! [News Article]

Xiu Xiu announces tour, releases a split 7-inch with Dirty Beaches, all the while passing out candy to strangers [News Article]

Editions Mego launches a "neat house" imprint, drums up support by offering FREE PENCILS FOR EVERYONE [News Article]

Spanish Prisoners don't need to sell cookies and kitten calendars anymore — they have a van AND more tourdates [News Article]

Dreamend is about to release a new LP on Graveface. Put down your accordions and kazoos for a second, because this shit is crazy. [News Article]

Wooden Wand releasing deluxe edition of Briarwood LP, touring the US in a flying car [News Article]

The Chap aren't really nobodies, but they're releasing an album called We Are Nobody; I'm so confused [News Article]

Sun Kil Moon to release new LP Among the Leaves this spring (even though the title is misleading and evokes fall) [News Article]

Jon Porras (1/2 of Barn Owl) to release Black Mesa on April 17 from within a smeary smoke cloud in the woods [News Article]

Hush Arbors and Arbouretum announce a split LP sans nostalgic Americana and foxes and the like [News Article]

Spanish Prisoners haven't announced all their tourdates yet; they need a van first! [News Article]

sunn 0))) to tour Europe this summer, so start blowing up the beach balls [News Article]

Jim O'Rourke to perform Eureka at ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror Japan; Tiny Mix Tapes editors' heads collectively implode then explode AGAIN [News Article]

Neptune return from space with a new lineup, album, and tour. Next time, maybe they'll bring you a personalized keychain. [News Article]

Screaming Females releasing an album in April and touring in February. THIS MEANS I CAN TYPE IN ALL CAPS RIGHT?!!??!? [News Article]

Prince Rama announce US tour (try to imagine this headline jazzed up with psychedelic colors and whatnot) [News Article]

Eric Chenaux has a new LP on Constellation, and apparently he also frequents Medieval Times! Who knew! [News Article]