Belbury Poly's new LP The Belbury Tales out in February on Ghost Box (the label, not the haunted Xbox) [News Article]

EMA announces spring 2012 North American headlining tour, as if she didn't already rock the hell out of 2011 [News Article]

Nurses tour with The Mountain Goats, and they'll explain the difference between avant-garde folk metal and Viking glam metal [News Article]

Dustin Wong can fly! Plus he just announced a new album, out on Thrill Jockey in February. [News Article]

Atlas Sound announces East Coast tour, so start asking around for a ride soon [News Article]

Hood still on hiatus, but they're releasing a 10th anniversary box set! [News Article]

Tall Firs sign to ATP Recordings for new album, just in time to deck the halls [News Article]

Many Arms sign to Tzadik, release new album in 2012, use one of their arms to choke you [News Article]

Peepholes to release new LP on Upset the Rhythm, promise they're not perverts [News Article]

Imbogodom to release second LP on Thrill Jockey in January (the day after the 23rd anniversary of Salvador Dali's death, in case you were wondering) [News Article]

Jeff Mangum's ATP weathers cancellations, additions, holy rattlesnakes, and pianos filled with flames [News Article]

Sigur Rós to release new album in spring 2012... from a swimming pool in space! [News Article]

The Antlers to release (together) EP and play Webster Hall; e.e. cummings writes a poem about it [News Article]

Zomes album #3 coming in January on Thrill Jockey ZOMG [News Article]

Woods announce December tour, just the thing to warm you up this holiday season [News Article]

Pete Swanson releasing a solo LP on Type Records. Squint really hard and it's a new Yellow Swans album. [News Article]

Captain Ahab European tourdates, new music video, and animated GIFs... all the techno-punk you could ever need [News Article]

Modest Mouse! Fancy seeing you here in Texas and Brazil! How the hell are ya? [News Article]

Ladies Auxiliary tour AND release their second album of the year. Damn those overachievers! [News Article]

AIDS Wolf giving away their new album for free, releasing a music video, not changing their name [News Article]


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