Tennis - Young & Old [Music Review]

Cass McCombs - Humor Risk [Music Review]

If it hadn’t been for Cotton-Eyed Joe, Japandroids would have announced a new North American summer tour a long time ago [News Article]

New Matt "MV" Valentine album What I Became out tomorrow. Have a happy period. [News Article]

Amor de Días (The Clientele, Pipas) release Street of the Love of Days one of the days of this lovely week. This day, in fact! [News Article]

Heaps of Tindersticks soundtrack fun on the horizon; not fun like Where the Boys Are ’84 soundtrack fun, but fun nonetheless [News Article]

Pixies tour Doolittle, still hotter than Shaq’s Icy Hot patch [News Article]

If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s 2011, it’s time for a Lightning Bolt tour! [News Article]

Giving multi-taskers a good name since aught-four, Shugo Tokumaru releases new album this week [News Article]

Away from home, he’s a tourist... Gang of Four North American tour starts this weekend! [News Article]

Talibam! need YOUR help releasing their new record; Euro mini-tour starts tonight (and fast trains that run underwater or fly have to be booked, like, days in advance)! [News Article]

World, your death wish is about to come true: tomorrow sees previously unreleased Stooges live show released, Fun House box set reissued [News Article]

The Vaselines - Sex with an X [Music Review]

Sam Prekop - Old Punch Card [Music Review]

Urinate is a verb. Noun is a band, and Screaming Females is the result of seeing yours truly in a speedo [News Article]

No upside to Torche getting gear torched in Chicago; um, at least they left the van? [News Article]

Holly Golightly tour starts tonight… on the wings of love [News Article]

Functional family debut album alert! Ortolan: all sibling, no quibbling [News Article]

Prolific Doesn’t Sound Like a Compliment Anyway: Black Tambourine’s Complete Works Coming ‘Round Again [News Article]

Label Profiling: Drip Audio [Features]