Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium members form Inventions after prolonged argument regarding ambience and crescendo [News Article]

Nils Frahm announces US tour in which he will play shows, fight with knives [News Article]

Kraftwerk announce extensive tour, like some sort of touring man machine [News Article]

Leyland Kirby announces new EP Breaks My Heart Each Time, ironically repairing your broken heart because you'd forgotten how to love [News Article]

Future Islands announce 4AD debut Singles BOW BOW BOW [News Article]

Pixies release EP2, nation awaits more new material from up-and-coming music outfit [News Article]

Mutual Benefit announce January 2014 tour, but, by then the stores won't even be selling egg nog, so who cares? [News Article]

Richard Buckner wants to perform in your living room, so are you gonna let him? [News Article]

Prefuse 73, Nosaj Thing, and FaltyDL announce Yellow Year tour, promoting a new Simpsons syndication deal [News Article]

Outkast set to reunite in 2014, play Coachella, hopefully not crush any dreams [News Article]

Olivia Tremor Control's 1997 Peel Session unearthed by Chunklet, discovery is printed onto vinyl for good of science [News Article]

Julianna Barwick announces autumn tour, because I guess some of you deserve beauty [News Article]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds drive off on 2014 tour, leaving behind a trail of delicate rhododendron petals [News Article]

Xiu Xiu announce new album Angel Guts: Red Classroom, ensure delivery of Xiu Xiu-iest album ever [News Article]

Rare Stevie Wonder track gets first vinyl release through Motown 7-inch set. You hear that, Uncle Raymond? [News Article]

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks announce new record Wig Out at Jagbags, change name to Shoopie Magoogle and the Woops [News Article]

Noveller announces December tour with Anna von Hausswolff, together they create new holiday: Novhaussmas! [News Article]

Lynchian artist David Lynch announces new 12-inch on Sacred Bones, features Cronenbergian Venetian Snares remix [News Article]

Panda Bear curates Lisbon's Green Ray music festival, scores a "big get" by booking Panda Bear [News Article]

Bill Callahan will tour the US and Europe, we can agree this is true [News Article]


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