Zammuto to open for Explosions in the Sky on US tour, Explosions in the Sky fans to treat whole Zammuto set like an even longer build up to an Explosions in the Sky climax [News Article]

WU LYF are going on a US tour in the spring just so they can shout and shout and shout into your face [News Article]

Guitar Wolf are going on tour, please turn your speakers up to maximum volume before reading this story [News Article]

Sandro Perri tours the most possible space of them all: North America! [News Article]

Montag offers up monthly single series on Carpark Records, but he's STILL not my real dad [News Article]

Battles announce Dross Glop 2: Even Drossier 2 the Street: the Legend of Curly's Gold remix 12-inch [News Article]

Mogwai! They're coming for you! Mogwai! They're going on tour! Mogwai! They're made out of bees! [News Article]

Archers of Loaf continue reunion tour, empowered by the mystical energy of the ancient pumping fist [News Article]

Atlas Sound are going on tour, so update your Bradford Cox blog, [News Article]

Shabazz Palaces announce "We Are The Greatest Hip-Hop Group In The World Prove That We're Not" tour [News Article]

Death Cab for Cutie announce US tour that is totally unique, just like you, you little snowflake [News Article]

Mates of State go on a tour of the Northeast, where traveling kitten entertainment is welcomed [News Article]

The Horrrrrrrrorrrrrrs tour the United States, oblivious to the fact that I've added so many more R's to their name [News Article]

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy now has his very own coffee blend, allowing us to finally taste Will Oldham in the morning [News Article]

Pelican return with a new EP and a big beak full of slimy, delicious fish [News Article]

Girls head out on tour with hair like the golden thread of Rumpelstiltskin [News Article]

James Ferraro unlocks the secret to the perfect movie, names the perfect movie Rapture Adrenaline, releases the perfect movie on DVD [News Article]

Built to Spill go on tour to see their old buddy, you! [News Article]

Sleigh Bells hang out with Diplo and Liturgy for Florida tour, ditch Diplo and Liturgy for non-Florida tour [News Article]

Refused got back together the other day, but we didn't really rush to report it because, you know, huh? [News Article]


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