Tame Impala announce US headlining tour, because they're ready for some foooootbaaaaaaalll [News Article]

Das Racist break up, dissipating into mist and then transforming into a box of pizza and a sack of tacos [News Article]

Passion Pit and Matt & Kim announce tour through fits of giggles [News Article]

Desaparecidos go on East Coast tour in order to obtain Atlantic Ocean water for some sort of potion or ointment [News Article]

Captain Murphy a.k.a. Flying Lotus presents the internet with a deluxe edition of his Duality mixtape [News Article]

The Thermals gas up their Dodge van for new album in 2013 [News Article]

Dan Friel announces blues album Total Folklore, assuming you define the blues as triumphant noise music [News Article]

Yo La Tengo announce new record Fade, go on tour, briefly consider changing name to Yo Lo Tengo [News Article]

The Music Tapes announce The Traveling Imaginary tour in locations both stationary and real [News Article]

Mates of State announce intimate East Coast tour, promise lots of eye contact [News Article]

Cannibal Ox promise you a new album and shows, pinky swear to show they're serious [News Article]

A$AP Rocky joins Rihanna tour, hilarious cleaning-up-the-tour-bus montage due soon [News Article]

The Walkmen announce tour with their long-lost dad, Father John Misty [News Article]

Shabazz Palaces tour Europe AND the US! Ooh, globetrotters! [News Article]

Mark Kozelek bears the gift of three new records, like some sort of drunk, middle-aged wiseman [News Article]

Hot Water Music announce first headlining tour in a looong time, while I cry tears of high school regret [News Article]

YACHT turn 10, blow out candles, throw celebratory concert, sell TV show to Amazon [News Article]

Daniel Higgs and Arrington de Dionyso go on West Coast tour out in the real world, while you read about it on the internet [News Article]

Bee Mask releases new LP on Spectrum Spools AUUUUUUUUGH BEES [News Article]

sunn 0))) announce West Coast tour, traveling in a cloud of smoke and skulls and holiday cheer [News Article]