Balam Acab forces you to acknowledge his presence on December tour [News Article]

Wilco announces EP for Record Store Day; Jeff Tweedy muses that, boy, seems like Record Store Day comes later and later every year [News Article]

The Duke Spirit's new LP is out now for The Lawnmower Man, but not out until January for us regular schmoes [News Article]

We Were Promised Jetpacks are touring Europe this January, probably by automobile and plane and NOT BY THOSE JETPACKS THEY WERE PROMISED SO LONG AGO GOT DANG IT [News Article]

Tennis to put out new record Young and Old through Fat Possum in February. Boats? [News Article]

Thurston Moore announces tour to fulfill promise of tours, ton more. Oh lord. [News Article]

Drainolith (AIDS Wolf side project) and Regression (Wolf Eyes side project) tour together because they hate wolves [News Article]

Rivers Cuomo announces The Pinkerton Diaries and Alone III. Finally, some insight into his personal life! [News Article]

Codeine begin reuniting, reissuing records in 1998, finish reuniting, reissuing records now [News Article]

The War on Drugs and Sharon Van Etten promise to go on tour together in 2012, also promise not to burn to death before then [News Article]

Baths ends 2011 with touring, sideburns [News Article]

Built to Spill bring back the spirit of 97 by preparing new record [News Article]

Thank You politely break up [News Article]

Grimes announces new album for January, while the ghostly wail of Dizzee Rascal floats above the moor [News Article]

Raekwon to release Just 4 Laughs Pt.2 mixtape on Black Friday, presumably as a goof [News Article]

The Appleseed Cast go on tour this fall so they can feel the crunch of brown leaves beneath their feet, the warm cider on their lips [News Article]

Screeching Weasel have a new EP coming out, vie for spot on next year's Lilith Fair tour [News Article]

Jay-Z to become a cartoon, thus defeating MC Hammer once and for all [News Article]

Drag City, your super-secret crush, launches a new booking agency, reads your totally sad diary [News Article]

Arts & Crafts signs Eight and a Half, the result of a dark Broken Social Scene wizard raising The Stills from their grave [News Article]