The Velvet Underground & Nico to receive six-disc reissue in celebration of 45th anniversary; Warner begins preliminary plans for seven-disc 55th anniversary package [News Article]

Maserati announce Maserati VII, then they do about a million donuts in their rad car [News Article]

Sharon Van Etten has the results of your blood test: you're fine and she's going on tour [News Article]

AU go on tour, announce Deerhoof remix, think about how much they like Deerhoof [News Article]

Thom Yorke's new band to release 12-inch single, so I'm pretty sure Radiohead are definitely breaking up [News Article]

Smashing Pumpkins reissue Pisces Iscariot, but do you know what happens if you say Billy Corgan three times to a mirror? You become Billy Corgan. [News Article]

Pete Swanson announces Pro Style EP, but you already knew that, you superfan you [News Article]

Scott Walker's The Drift to receive vinyl edition packaged in a nice suit, a swanky suit [News Article]

Excepter goes on tour, while my dad blasts Excepter from his 1994 Taurus every day of his life [News Article]

Christopher Owens leaves Girls. Well, where'd he leave them? HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. [News Article]

Woods name their new album Bend Beyond, 'cause you're gonna bend it to these hot new Woods tracks. Also, it's coming out in September. [News Article]

Future Islands, a.k.a. America's number one dreamboats, go on dreamy summer tour [News Article]

Corin Tucker announces new record Kill My Blues, stars in sketch comedy program Tucsonia, whoops, that last bit was from my dream journal [News Article]

Lightning Bolt are going on tour this fall, so it's time to learn all the lyrics: KRRSSH WAAAAUGHUAHH SMASH [News Article]

Archers of Loaf go on tour for the weekend, else the boss is gonna be maaaad [News Article]

Mount Kimbie sign to Warp Records, any day now they'll be riding bikes, going on dates, going off to college, dying [News Article]

Shellac to curate Winter ATP, Steve Albini to reshape fest as Albini Tomorrow's Parties [News Article]

Russian Circles announce world tour, proving that circles are the best shape of all time [News Article]

Madlib and Freddie Gibbs announce a new EP, Madgibbany that is actually titled Shame but should be titled Madgibbany [News Article]

Grimes announces Mythical Gymnastics tour, a tour named after its inclusion of the groups Myths and Elite Gymnatics. I think you get it. [News Article]


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