Archers of Loaf continue reunion tour, empowered by the mystical energy of the ancient pumping fist [News Article]

Atlas Sound are going on tour, so update your Bradford Cox blog, [News Article]

Shabazz Palaces announce "We Are The Greatest Hip-Hop Group In The World Prove That We're Not" tour [News Article]

Death Cab for Cutie announce US tour that is totally unique, just like you, you little snowflake [News Article]

Mates of State go on a tour of the Northeast, where traveling kitten entertainment is welcomed [News Article]

The Horrrrrrrrorrrrrrs tour the United States, oblivious to the fact that I've added so many more R's to their name [News Article]

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy now has his very own coffee blend, allowing us to finally taste Will Oldham in the morning [News Article]

Pelican return with a new EP and a big beak full of slimy, delicious fish [News Article]

Girls head out on tour with hair like the golden thread of Rumpelstiltskin [News Article]

James Ferraro unlocks the secret to the perfect movie, names the perfect movie Rapture Adrenaline, releases the perfect movie on DVD [News Article]

Built to Spill go on tour to see their old buddy, you! [News Article]

Sleigh Bells hang out with Diplo and Liturgy for Florida tour, ditch Diplo and Liturgy for non-Florida tour [News Article]

Refused got back together the other day, but we didn't really rush to report it because, you know, huh? [News Article]

Still Corners tour Europe even though it's the dead of winter, god bless 'em [News Article]

Studio walk off into the sunset, taking Information Records with them [News Article]

A$AP Rocky goes on tour with A$AP Mob, Drake, some other guys who probably also claim to be pretty [News Article]

The Head and the Heart go on tour, confounding the worlds of medicine and science [News Article]

Demdike Stare release Elemental Parts 1 & 2 while you weren't looking, plan to drop Parts 3 & 4 when you least expect them [News Article]

Fujiya & Miyagi to go on US tour, as was written in the scrolls [News Article]