Twin Shadow announces new album Confess; here's some motorcycle noises vrooooooeoooooom [News Article]

Bumbershoot announces 2012 lineup, but I just wish it was called Bumbleshoot, because I want to make bee puns. [News Article]

Big K.R.I.T. to release Live from the Underground full-length while I continue to ride his coattails because we're from the same state [News Article]

Black Bananas go on tour to support Rad Times Xpress IV, actual black bananas continue to be gross [News Article]

Autechre release their rare debut EP on vinyl, I continue to pretend I know things about Autechre [News Article]

Destroyer adds Euro dates, just because he has, like, a ton of euros lying around and doesn't want to exchange them [News Article]

La Sera promotes flossing on US tour in May [News Article]

Magik Markers are the ones making that weird buzzing noise in your house, but don't worry, they're going on tour [News Article]

Los Campesinos! go on tour this June, wash it all down with a Bud bigger than all of us [News Article]

Laurel Halo has bought you a present and it's European tourdates. Sorry to ruin the surprise. [News Article]

Xtra Mile launch North American branch, recruit Future of the Left as ever-friendly ambassadors [News Article]

Grandaddy are back! Bow bow bow! Reunion shows at Outside Lands, other places! Daddy squaaaaaaaaad! [News Article]

Japandroids announce Celebration Rock, shocking the world by enjoying celebration, rock, going on tour [News Article]

Q-Tip signs to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label, releases limited line of exquisite drapes!! [News Article]

A Place to Bury Strangers announce Worship LP and DEAAAAAAAAATH [News Article]

Carrie Brownstein to write memoir; Eric Nagurney to read memoir [News Article]

Balam Acab announces spooky ghost tour with spooky ghosts and Active Child [News Article]

Bloc Party sign to Frenchiss record label, plan summer tour [News Article]

Air France break up, because they were never going to make dad happy [News Article]