SpaceGhostPurrp announces release on 4AD, probably because, well, I mean, I guess it's likely because, um, help me out here [News Article]

Gorman Bechard directs Grant Hart documentary while everyone else was out acting like Bob Mould was the only dude in Hüsker Dü [News Article]

Bobby Conn, warrior king of Chicago musicians, announces Macaroni LP, named after warrior king of pastas [News Article]

Chilly Gonzales emerges from the burning building, kittens in hand, to tell you about his tour, as well as vague details on Solo Piano II [News Article]

King Tuff announces new record on Sub Pop, but only because everybody declined his challenge to a tough guy contest [News Article]

Woods to release split LP with Amps for Christ (like a hardcore band!), go on tour (like a hardcore band!) [News Article]

Fennesz and Jon Wozencroft let Liquid Music simmer for 11 years, release it now that it's nice and tender [News Article]

Lindstrøm heads out on US tour... like an astronaut!!!!!!!!!! Oneohtrix Point Never and Owen Pallett remixes on the way too [News Article]

E.D. Sedgwick release new single, go on new tour, are still named after a dead person [News Article]

Tomahawk announce vinyl collection, so you can just put those Mr. Bungle/Helmet/Jesus Lizard records in the trash [News Article]

Screaming Females tour America, because if not them, who? [News Article]

Spencer Krug, that brave heartbreaker, announces new Moonface record With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery [News Article]

Lazer Sword's new LP Memory is coming out on April 27 and here are some lazer sword noises to go with it: bezow, skrit, zing! [News Article]

Memoryhouse embark on tour; OH IF THESE MEMORYWALLS COULD MEMORYTALK [News Article]

Governor's Ball announces 2012 lineup: Beck, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Devendra Banhart, no actual governors [News Article]

Codeine set dates for reunion tour in support of reissued albums, because there is still yearning left to do [News Article]

tUnE-yArDs announce summer tour WHAT'S THAT ABOUT WHAT'S THAT ABOUT [News Article]

Zammuto to open for Explosions in the Sky on US tour, Explosions in the Sky fans to treat whole Zammuto set like an even longer build up to an Explosions in the Sky climax [News Article]

WU LYF are going on a US tour in the spring just so they can shout and shout and shout into your face [News Article]

Guitar Wolf are going on tour, please turn your speakers up to maximum volume before reading this story [News Article]