Prurient wants to dance with you and only you on new Time's Arrow EP [News Article]

Trash Talk to put out new Awake EP on True Panther, all labels to one day become hardcore labels [News Article]

Panda Bear and Sonic Boom feast on flesh of the living, flesh out their upcoming tour [News Article]

Karl Blau, Nigerian prince, needs only $16,000 of your money to complete final 12 albums of 42-album series. Invest now! [News Article]

Gary Numan plans new LP, potentially to remind you of his long, influential career while "Cars" spirals infinitely through your skullspace [News Article]

A Winged Victory for the Sullen to provide tie-wearing music, tie-wearing live dates [News Article]

Odd Future gets series on Adult Swim, where they show Sealab 2021 and The Brak Show [News Article]

Moonface announces North American tour, starts work on new album, because what else is Spencer Krug going to do with his time [News Article]

Stooges postpone tour due to Iggy Pop foot injury, forever proving that he can feel pain [News Article]

Crooked Fingers tour the US; Eric Bachmann's beard slotted to open every show [News Article]

Xiu Xiu compiling tattoos for new LP insert. Finally, the day you and your Jamie Stewart calf tattoo have been waiting for! [News Article]

Fang Island record dry, academic new album, go on joyless East Coast tour [News Article]

Sic Alps bet you a million dollars that they will go on a European tour. You owe them a million dollars! [News Article]

AIDS Wolf announce US tour, as if I didn't have enough problems already [News Article]

Pigeons have a new album coming out, and you have the Mike Tyson documentary Tyson in your DVD player right now [News Article]

The Misfits are releasing a new record, so slick down your bangs for the love of Bela Lugosi [News Article]

Mount Eerie announces "Phil Elverum is Super Great" tour, probably because Phil Elverum is super great [News Article]

The Rapture announce US tour, but what does it mean for you as a homeowner? Find out within! [News Article]

The Field announces new record Looping State of Mind, returns to original moniker of "Nasty Field" [News Article]

Hella kick out all those other jerks, announce new record Tripper [News Article]