Olivia Tremor Control to play all the hits on upcoming tour: "Green Typewriters," "Green Typewriters," and "Green Typewriters" [News Article]

Arrington de Dionyso puts out Songsmith-recorded album, claims it so abrasive that it will rip the skin from your bones [News Article]

Lil B's I'm Gay is out now, really still has that title (sort of) [News Article]

EMA to tour Europe between now and when the sun explodes, but more specifically in the fall [News Article]

Neutral Milk Hotel records that aren't In the Aeroplane Over the Sea to get reissued, proving existence of other NMH records to college freshmen [News Article]

Spank Rock returns with big summer tour... opening for Ke$ha and LMFAO. Sigh. [News Article]

Dirty Projectors hit the studio this summer, rumors fly about reinterpretation of The Descendents' ALL album [News Article]

Andrew Bird announces fall tour just to piss me off [News Article]

Twin Shadow and Diamond Rings are just two guys with new haircuts (pretty nice haircuts!) and a US tour [News Article]

Prince Rama to puncture consciousness of the soul-mind in 13 drops of amber rain on new album Trust Now [News Article]

Lou Reed and Metallica teaming up for new record, because, okay, sure. [News Article]

The National are going on tour in September, uncork the red wine! [News Article]

Domino signs the whole Real Estate family in summer BBQ spectacular [News Article]

Balam Acab announces debut LP just in time for you to pull out your old 2010 witch house gear [News Article]

Screaming Females up the punxxxxxxxxxxx by touring with Against Me! [News Article]

The Beets tour the US to the sound of a million Nicktoons references [News Article]

St. Vincent stops covering Big Black for one darn second, announces new record Strange Mercy [News Article]

The Blow is going on tour, get the hell out of the way! [News Article]

Sun Araw carves new record Ancient Romans using only his hands and a slab of gorgeous marble, goes on tour to cool down [News Article]

James Blake announces fall tour, a.k.a. the Tiny Mix Tapes Perfect Score Tour 2011 [News Article]