Röyksopp demand more North American tourdates... and they get 'em! [News Article]

Foals go on tour this spring, hold up giant trophy for some reason [News Article]

Braid reunite for new LP, just in time to confuse everybody everywhere [News Article]

Oneohtrix Point Never tours with Games tours with Oneohtrix Point Never tours with Games [News Article]

Mi Ami prove their love of dolphins, hatred of guitars by announcing new 12-inch on Thrill Jockey [News Article]

La Sera give the people what they want, assuming the people want a new single, a new album, and an extended tour [News Article]

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH No Limit Records Is Back! [News Article]

Spring break! In February! Ducktails and Woods announce week-long tour [News Article]

Brent Knopf leaves Menomena, gives us I Am the Fun Blame Monster reissue to remember him by [News Article]

Portishead and Arcade Fire unite for co-headlining juggernaut tour, vow to crush all lesser tours with their mighty hand [News Article]

Tiny Mix Tapes-endorsed superstar Sun Araw reissues Beach Head LP [News Article]

Mountain Goats announce All Eternals Deck, enlist metal legend Mountain Goats fans have never heard of [News Article]

Mighty wizard Jimmy Fallon offers reunited Dismemberment Plan performance to all who brave his fortress of late-night TV [News Article]

Dan Boeckner chokes back the pain of Wolf Parade's recent hiatus with a Handsome Furs tour [News Article]

Prefuse 73 and Yeasayer's Jaytram buddy up for Epstein remix album [News Article]

Pinback announce Pinback shows, shows that aren't Pinback shows but sound a lot like Pinback shows (huh?) [News Article]

Everything is the same and everything is different and Toro Y Moi announces new record Underneath the Pine [News Article]

In an alternate world, School of Seven Bells don't tour with Interpol. In this world, they do. [News Article]

Girl Talk announces winter tour, promises intimate, hushed performances. JUST KIDDING IT'S A DANCE PARTY Y'ALL! [News Article]

Deakin returns to Animal Collective after securing world record for "World's Longest Teatime" [News Article]