Destroyer announces five-star European tour, Dead Oceans releases five-star Kaputt internationally [News Article]

Joe Lally has a new record out this month, so everybody take one second and stop wishing for a new Fugazi album! [News Article]

Sleepy Sun don't go on tour with The Black Angels. PSYCH! Sleepy Sun do go on tour with The Black Angels [News Article]

Pontiak to release new EP Comecrudos, inspired by Texas's Big Bend and/or croutons [News Article]

The Microphones and Bishop Allen lead charge against old-timey recording equipment with 7-inch single recorded on old-timey recording equipment [News Article]

Hospital Ships get sweet promotion, celebrate by putting out Lonely Twin in June [News Article]

Screaming Females tour Europe, YOU IDIOT (sorry) [News Article]

Six Organs of Admittance tour California as David Lee Roth's "California Girls" video loops infinitely [News Article]

Sleep rise like the world's most lethargic behemoth to announce North American tour [News Article]

The Sea and Cake, adorable as ever, announce cute lil' mini-album The Moonlight Butterfly [News Article]

Broken Bells release new EP Meyrin Fields, bumping up the total number of Broken Bells releases in the world [News Article]

Still Corners and Memoryhouse sign to Sub Pop for the sole purpose of invading your dreams. You know, like Inception! Or at least like Dreamscape. [News Article]

Clinic will never rest and they will never die, but they will tour the UK this spring [News Article]

Cass McCombs tours to his... WIT'S END! HAHAHAHAHA THAT IS THE NAME OF HIS NEW ALBUM. [News Article]

Woods hold secret meetings deep within Woodsist HQ, conspire to unleash Sun & Shade on an unsuspecting public [News Article]

Lauryn Hill responds to wishes of dewy-eyed youngster Kanye West by announcing new tourdates [News Article]

Mountains open up the Air Museum; museums with dinosaurs continue to reign supreme [News Article]

Yoni Wolf of WHY? fame announces solo dates for you and you and you and you. But not you. You stay home. [News Article]

Here it comes, the Death Vessel tour! My oh my, the Death Vessel tour starts todaaaaaay! [News Article]

Battles announce Gloss Drop, thus setting off everybody's inferiority complex all over again [News Article]


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