Deakin returns to Animal Collective after securing world record for "World's Longest Teatime" [News Article]

Rammstein video director David Lynch releases pair of solo singles [News Article]

Gasp and shock, Thee Oh Sees keep themselves busy with West Coast tour, All Tomorrow's Parties set [News Article]

Portishead to curate I'll Be Your Mirror Festival, because, in a way, don't we all function as mirrors for each other? [News Article]

Deerhoof leak album via online treasure hunt, then they go on tour, then they eat a whole gallon of ice cream, 'cause Deerhoof is the most fun! [News Article]

S. Carey vows to keep the Northeast warm and cozy by touring with White Hinterland [News Article]

Da mystery of chesstourin': Wu-Tang Clan expand tour [News Article]

Fiery Furnaces' Matthew Friedberger announces eight solo LPs, because you said he couldn't and now you owe him money [News Article]

The Walkmen mosey on down for a Southeast tour [News Article]

Kayo Dot make peace with the coyotes by offering Coyote on vinyl. Also: a tour! [News Article]

Yo La Tengo spin their magic wheel of fate, land on "Go on wacky tour determined by magic wheel of fate" [News Article]

Thank You announce new record Golden Worry on Thrill Jockey, but why would those nice young men consort with such hooligans? [News Article]

The swamp is closed: Crocodiles cancel remaining tourdates [News Article]

Boomshakalaka! The Ex announce new LP for January! [News Article]

Sun Airway open for Bear in Heaven, everybody swoons [News Article]

U2 working on new album with Danger Mouse; this one goes out to the 36.7% of you who are interested [News Article]

Alright, who's making a shoe today? Panda Bear steps up to the plate (in his own camo kicks) [News Article]

Avi Buffalo roam the Western American countryside on their very first headlining tour [News Article]

Destroyer tells the world of his new record Kaputt, goes on to mention 22 less important things [News Article]

Matthew Dear leaves the Black City to tour the white city, the blue city... all the cities! [News Article]


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