C V L T S release cassette on Beer on the Rug, spit a thousand V's and spaces at that other Cults [News Article]

Cymbals Eat Guitars announce fall tour, promise 2014 LP full of songs about alien mountains and a big ocean [News Article]

Gabriel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans) announces new album, headbutts Pete Swanson in the chest [News Article]

Bardo Pond announce new LP <em>Peace on Venus</em> for all the Paracelsus superfans out there [News Article]

Zacht Automaat announce new LP on Calico Corp., remain unaware their band name sounds like a Final Fantasy character [News Article]

Fis to release <em>Preparations</em> EP on Tri Angle, take seat at gorgeous Tri Angle dinner table with beautiful cornucopia [News Article]

Southern Lord announces Noothgrush/Coffins split release, Oakland and Tokyo are now one [News Article]

King Khan and The Shrines promise to play new songs for you on upcoming tour [News Article]

Cian Nugent and The Cosmos announce new LP of guitar music, just like that other Nugent guy (you know the one) [News Article]

Wu-Tang Clan release official band bicycles celebrating 20th anniversary, as predicted in early single "Da Mystery of Commemorative Bicycles" [News Article]

clipping. announce Europe/UK tour get money get money get money get money get money get money [News Article]

Disclosure jet off on multiple-month, international tour, just like me and my brother used to do [News Article]

Kylesa announce October tour...... you knuckleheads [News Article]

Jon Hopkins announces world tour, boasts that he has more mercury than any man, living or dead [News Article]

Blitzen Trapper celebrate seventh record with 857th tour [News Article]

LAKE are going on a US tour in their enormous, <em>Adventure Time</em>-funded, nuclear-powered twee death-bus [News Article]

Jeff Tweedy announces solo dates, 'cause all hail the Tweedmaster [News Article]

Washed Out announces fall tour, all in service of showing you this crazy painting he just bought [News Article]

Indian Jewelry to play European dates, put on crappy looking mustaches to play European dates as Coxcombs [News Article]

Mount Eerie announces new record of auto-tuned songs in desperate pop move [News Article]


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