Guided by Voices announce new record, <i>English Little League</i>, while Robert Pollard nonchalantly promises three GBV records every year forever [News Article]

Broken Social Scene to play Field Trip Festival, stirring awake like Smaug from Peter Jackson's hit motion picture <i>The Hobbit</i> [News Article]

Solange announces February tour, bumps Beyoncé off my vision board [News Article]

Aesop Rock postpones January dates, announces February dates to make-up for previously postponed dates, the cycle continues on [News Article]

WHY? announce winter tour, having been emboldened by Cincinnati pride [News Article]

Rick Ross announces new album, Maybac... <i>Mastermind</i> [News Article]

Diplo goes on helicopter tour, takes Major Lazer on boat tour, because what else is new? [News Article]

Motion Sickness of Time Travel releases new EP, sends the MoSick Army into a frenzy [News Article]

Blues Control go on tour, effectively control 80% of the nation's blues [News Article]

Iceage announce RUDE new album <i>You're Nothing</i> for February, continue streak of unstoppable rudeness [News Article]

Tame Impala announce US headlining tour, because they're ready for some foooootbaaaaaaalll [News Article]

Das Racist break up, dissipating into mist and then transforming into a box of pizza and a sack of tacos [News Article]

Passion Pit and Matt & Kim announce tour through fits of giggles [News Article]

Desaparecidos go on East Coast tour in order to obtain Atlantic Ocean water for some sort of potion or ointment [News Article]

Captain Murphy a.k.a. Flying Lotus presents the internet with a deluxe edition of his <i>Duality</i> mixtape [News Article]

The Thermals gas up their Dodge van for new album in 2013 [News Article]

Dan Friel announces blues album <i>Total Folklore</i>, assuming you define the blues as triumphant noise music [News Article]

Yo La Tengo announce new record <i>Fade</i>, go on tour, briefly consider changing name to Yo Lo Tengo [News Article]

The Music Tapes announce The Traveling Imaginary tour in locations both stationary and real [News Article]

Mates of State announce intimate East Coast tour, promise lots of eye contact [News Article]


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