Best Coast will poop on stage before Green Day drops the headlining dookie [News Article]

Google censors The Pirate Bay, stealing it from the public in a fashion similar to a pirate [News Article]

A.C. Newman rises above all other musicians by releasing new album and touring this fall [News Article]

Errors intentionally release mini-album, tour, and continue to be better than my dad [News Article]

Bon Iver tours; people like his music! [News Article]

The Helio Sequence release new album September 11 on Sub Pop to support purchase of third yacht [News Article]

Outer Space (Emeralds' John Elliott) releasing LP #??? on Spectrum Spools in June [News Article]

Azealia Banks drops debut EP 1991 and Fantastic mixtape, according to my mom [News Article]

múm release rare recordings, promise to return moon stone to NASA [News Article]

Eric Copeland releases new LP Limbo June 5; old college roommate still doesn't 'get it' [News Article]

Planet Mu release Polysick LP with an empty promise to bring acid house to the mainstream [News Article]

Ed Schrader's Music Beat release debut album on LOAD, tour from the bowels of Wham City [News Article]

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah release music video, plan tour, and invest in my delicious Dickles [News Article]

Jet break up; music industry crumbles [News Article]

Built to Spill (Doug Martsch) [Features]

Drag City, a label, allows Dope Body, a band, to release Natural History on them [News Article]

Explosions in the Sky tour, again proving themselves as a band capable of playing music [News Article]

Pulp play US shows as part of new law requiring every band to experience their careers at least twice [News Article]

Icky Blossoms sign to Saddle Creek; prepare to be hazed by Conor Oberst, young'ins [News Article]

Robert Pollard surprises great-grandchildren with new Mouseman Cloud album due in March [News Article]


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