Marvin Gaye's What's Going On reissued; please let there be a new all-star benefit cover... [News Article]

Have you hyped up and blogged about EMA's new LP and tour yet? Well get a move on! [News Article]

Six Organs of Admittance tours abroad, making the backpacking American feel at home [News Article]

The Mountain Goats tour West Coast this summer, distracting grad students everywhere [News Article]

Psychedelic Horseshit tour UK/US in support of Laced in May; now ain't that some shit! [News Article]

Unsound 2011 festival theme to be Future Shock; a load of info is ready to blow! [News Article]

Pandora caught red-handed sending personal user info to advertisers; masturbation joke ahead [News Article]

Title Tracks release new LP In Blank on April 19, but with no title track! [News Article]

The Appleseed Cast release Middle States EP and tour actual Midwest on accident [News Article]

Move Over O.A.R. and Ben Folds: Jay-Z Preps College Tour [News Article]

Jens Lekman to Tour West Coast, Most Likely to Swoon, Croon, and Force Women into Pre-Marital Cahoot [News Article]

Flight of the Conchords Announce Tourdates, Suspiciously Play Two Shows a Night in Philadelphia, Mil [News Article]

Bruce Springsteen Tours; Decides Not to Tour Exclusively in "Black Face," As It's Been Deemed Ultima [News Article]

Bat For Lashes to Release Sophomore Effort, Which, Unfortunately, Was Not Recorded Live from the Sol [News Article]

Synecdoche, New York [Film Review]

Asobi Seksu Announce U.S. Fall Tour, Only If That's Alright With You, White People! [News Article]

Deerhoof Let Fans Choose a Charity for Offend Maggie Sales -- Charity Schmarity, I Want A Hov [News Article]

Antony And The Johnsons Take Us To Another World on New EP, And I Don't Mean Uranus! [News Article]

Smooth Move Exlax!! The Decemberists Release Singles Series [News Article]

Jay Reatard Set Out to Pulsate 50,000 Taints This Fall [News Article]


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