Cloud Nothings release sophomore album recorded by Steve Albini in January; the sky is the limit! [News Article]

Panda Bear adds shows in Chicago and Dallas, promises samples of bowel movements [News Article]

David Lynch to release solo album Crazy Clown Time — wait, you're a director ya dingus! [News Article]

Remember El-P? He's on Fat Possum now with a new album... or so they say [News Article]

WU LYF announce North American tour after a lifetime of being told they'd never announce anything [News Article]

Microsoft to release Xbox music service, promising optimized sound for your parents' basement [News Article]

Grandaddy reissue The Sophtware Slump now that the slump applies to everything [News Article]

Tammar release debut LP Visits in (Wake Me Up When) September (Ends) [News Article]

Prurient releases new LP Bermuda Drain in July; writer muses on the concept of romantic sperm [News Article]

Cold Cave tour North America, warming up hardcore fans [News Article]

Boredoms, Low, The Fall, other gloomy bands added to Jeff Mangum’s ATP to divert attention from Mangum’s god-like physique [News Article]

Damn! Dâm-Funk produces Steve Arrington album, flings spunk at audiences on world tour [News Article]

Marvin Gaye's What's Going On reissued; please let there be a new all-star benefit cover... [News Article]

Have you hyped up and blogged about EMA's new LP and tour yet? Well get a move on! [News Article]

Six Organs of Admittance tours abroad, making the backpacking American feel at home [News Article]

The Mountain Goats tour West Coast this summer, distracting grad students everywhere [News Article]

Psychedelic Horseshit tour UK/US in support of Laced in May; now ain't that some shit! [News Article]

Unsound 2011 festival theme to be Future Shock; a load of info is ready to blow! [News Article]

Pandora caught red-handed sending personal user info to advertisers; masturbation joke ahead [News Article]

Title Tracks release new LP In Blank on April 19, but with no title track! [News Article]