The Bats' new record Free All the Monsters fails to be released on Halloween but is still worth your while [News Article]

Billy Corgan wants you to join the Resistance, announces his new project Resistance Pro Wrestling [News Article]

Dan Treacy of Television Personalities in coma following surgery [News Article]

Radiohead played Occupy Wall Street — JUST KIDDING! Occupy Wall Street admits they were had [News Article]

The Smiths' Complete box set out soon via Rhino, with remasters by Johnny Marr — Morrissey nowhere to be found [News Article]

Wavves announce Life Sux EP, accidentally order an XL pizza made of skateboards [News Article]

Bono's Facebook account grows to a billion — dollars, not friends [News Article]

Ty Segall touring with Stephen Malkmus in October; hello bread [News Article]

Hunx and His Punx spray love all over September on tour, release new video [News Article]

Mekons announce release date for their 1,234,977th album, schedule smattering of "An Evening with The Mekons" tourdates [News Article]

Jeffrey Lewis releasing new album in October on Rough Trade; for five seconds The Moldy Peaches' popularity surges again [News Article]

Yuck finish up tour of the West Coast, call their parents, get permission to tour East Coast in the fall [News Article]

Dan Deacon gets interrupted repeatedly by Francis Ford Coppola at Comic-Con, plans to reissue two old LPs on Carpark [News Article]

Idiot Glee going on tour throughout North America, if he can even figure out how [News Article]

Trent Reznor warns fans not to buy newest reissue of Pretty Hate Machine, tweets about "record company bullshit" [News Article] gets ASCAP and BMI licences, so now you can use it guilt-free — except you've already been using it guilt-free because you lack moral fiber [News Article]

Documentary on Paul McCartney's 9/11 Concert for New York premieres on Showtime 9/10 [News Article]

Employee at Warner Music caught taking $700,000 from the company since 2007 — but at least he didn't use BitTorrent [News Article]

Xiu Xiu announce new 7-inch, leave out the hair and blood but keep the rest as harrowing as possible; tour the eastern halves of Europe and the US [News Article]

British popstars rile up Kill Rock Stars: Comet Gain ready US release of newest album, and KRS slashes prices on the back catalog [News Article]