Rivers Cuomo to release The Pinkerton Diaries, which may or may not be ghostwritten by Meg Cabot [News Article]

Message from the law: New Sic Alps album Napa Asylum on Drag City in January [News Article]

T-shirts! Get your t-shirts here! John Wiese-designed t-shirts for sale! [News Article]

Dorothy, we're not in Brooklyn anymore: White Rabbits open for Interpol on fall tour [News Article]

Al Pacino kills, so does Phil Spector — thus Pacino = Spector in new movie [News Article]

Azure Ray go on first tour together in seven years [News Article]

Converse creates community recording studio in — where else? — Brooklyn [News Article]

Wolf Parade Wolf People to release Steeple on Jagjaguwar [News Article]

Björk, Chuck D, Tangerine Dream, and others tell all — or at least something in new interview collection Innerviews: Music Without Borders [News Article]

XBXRX turn water into wine, fit 10 tracks on a 7-inch [News Article]

Mute gains independence from EMI [News Article]

Horse Feathers played cover of Nirvana, thought it was a good idea to record it; go on tour [News Article]

Deer Tick leave for tour in unspecified mode of travel after auctioning off their bus for $2000 [News Article]

Jónsi announces tour, gives away silver pendants that hopefully don't look like Arwen's pendant from LOTR [News Article]

Remember The Blow? She's back! In Pog form. (The Blow announce fall tour of Northeast) [News Article]

Mike Patton to play Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival as Mondo Cane, then to disappear for a while again [News Article]

Vivian Girls move to Polyvinyl, announce new album for the spring [News Article]

Jean-Luc Godard helps out a stranger, gives 1,000 euros to downtrodden Frenchman arrested for MP3 downloads [News Article]

You turned off the TV, but we know your secret; MTV rated the largest music site in August [News Article]

Swedish man busted for sharing 6,000 audio files — just 6,000? [News Article]