Slægt - Ildsvanger [Cerberus]

Life Partner - Have I Demon? [Cerberus]

Radio Club - The Gods of Eden [Cerberus]

Bugs and Rats - Adidas [Cerberus]

Size Queen / Jane La Onda - The Spectacle / Buy Buy Buy [Cerberus]

Pleasure Cross - Wait for the End [Cerberus]

Ryan Huber - Four Pi [Cerberus]

Guerilla Toss - 367 Equalizer [Cerberus]

Sea Witch - As Above... So Below [Cerberus]

Intolerant - Snow Stained With the Blood of Traitors [Cerberus]

Great Valley - Lizards of Camelot [Cerberus]

Problems That Fix Themselves - Which Is Worse [Cerberus]

James Fella - Weak Left Input [Cerberus]

Buck Gooter - The Spider's Eyes [Cerberus]

Curse Purse - Curse Purse [Cerberus]

Wind Atlas [Chocolate Grinder]

Radiant Husk - Deflation Basin [Cerberus]

Hot Guts - Wilds [Cerberus]

Read The Label #4: Superior Viaduct [Column]

BRUCH - My Name Should Be Trouble [Cerberus]