Gonzo - Ruidos [A Portuguesa] [Cerberus]

Nudes - Stain [Cerberus]

Read The Label #2: Shelter Press [Column]

Ghetto Ghouls - Ghetto Ghouls [Cerberus]

Tom James Scott [Chocolate Grinder]

HOT GUTS [Chocolate Grinder]

Poison Girls - Hex [Cerberus]

Terence Hannum - Via Negativa [Cerberus]

Blanche Blanche Blanche [Chocolate Grinder]

Sam De La Rosa - Chameleon [Cerberus]

Oldmate - It Is What It Is [Cerberus]

B L A C K I E - Imagine Yourself in a Free and Natural World [Cerberus]

Nick Storring [Chocolate Grinder]

B-Lines - Opening Band [Cerberus]

Read The Label #1: In Context Music [Column]

Blood Bright Star - The Silver Head [Cerberus]

German Army - Jivaro Witnesses [Cerberus]

Christian Lisco - Thoughts EP [Cerberus]

Corporate Park - Mise En Abyme [Cerberus]

Ketamines - 11:11 EP [Cerberus]


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