Cold Water - "Wolf Willow" b/w "Buffalo Beans" [Cerberus]

The Cartoons - "She's A Rock And Roller" b/w "Who Cares" [Cerberus]

Tellavision - Music on Canvas [Cerberus]

Midday Veil - THE CURRENT [Cerberus]

Cédric Stevens - Yesterday's Chimes (Unreleased S.E.L. 97-99) [Cerberus]

Deadverse - Carpet Burns [Cerberus]

MT Coast - BEACH ++ [Cerberus]

Crooked Columns - Chemical Mysticism [Cerberus]

Double Morris - Best of the Hightone Years [Cerberus]

Zach Phillips - Recorded in Heaven [Cerberus]

Henry & Hazel Slaughter - Endless Power Cycle [Cerberus]

Oikos - Solve Et Coagvla [Cerberus]

Fairhorns - Satan Replicant [Cerberus]

Dads - Invisible Blouse [Cerberus]

Kwaidan - Make All the Hell of Dark Metal Bright [Music Review]

Jackie O Motherfucker - Hello [Cerberus]

Vertonen - "HACE/26,250'" b/w "11° 22.4'N 142° 35.5'E" [Cerberus]

Cool Ghouls - Cool Ghouls [Cerberus]

Bird Names - Naming Names [Cerberus]

Fat History Month - Bad History Month [Music Review]


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