Gonzo - Dies Irae [Cerberus]

Guerilla Toss / Sediment Club - Kicked Back Into the Crypt [Cerberus]

Car Phyte - Fail [Cerberus]

Remember that MYSTERY record on Blood Music? Well put on your Cloudkicker and kick some shit! [News Article]

Sara Lee / Giving Up - split [Cerberus]

The Charles Ives Singers - The Unbuilt [Cerberus]

Ninni Morgia / Silvia Kastel / Ultrillo Kushner - Live at Hemlock, San Francisco [Cerberus]

The Insults - Population Zero / Zombie Lover [Cerberus]

Orchid Spangiafora - Flee Past's Ape Elf [Cerberus]

Sneaky Pinks - I'm Punk / Punk Pudding [Cerberus]

M.A. Turner - Ranking Driver [Cerberus]

Croweater - Seasick [Cerberus]

Awott - IVAN [Cerberus]

A Band Called Life - A Band Called Life [Cerberus]

Dante Augustus Scarlatti - Worship at the Throne of the Oscillator [Cerberus]

Brian Chase - Brian Chase [Cerberus]

Clemens Denk - Leider [Cerberus]

Personnel - Personnel [Cerberus]

Hurricanes Of Love - Quintorian Blues [Cerberus]

Ichi Ni San Shi - Slow Truth [Cerberus]