Arabrot / Rabbits - split [Cerberus]

German Army - Endless Phonics [Cerberus]

Seitz Versus Gendreau - Seitz Versus Gendreau [Cerberus]

Mannequin Hollowcaust - Slow Infector [Cerberus]

Sneaky Pinks - Sneaky Pinks [Cerberus]

Inappropriate King Live - Datboonbaat [Cerberus]

Lame Drivers / Woolen Men - Headhunting / Deaf Americans [Cerberus]

Trabajo - Gamelan to the Love God [Cerberus]

Feet Teeth - Aphthae Epizooticae [Cerberus]

A Story Of Rats - Vastness and the Inverse [Cerberus]

Sebadoh - Secret [Cerberus]

apt j(ext)ie irrchie - Night Wearing Feathers / Sunshine Bus Rider [Cerberus]

Drunk Dad - Morbid Reality [Cerberus]

Mines - Just Another Thing That Got Ruined [Cerberus]

Mounds - Mounds of Earth [Cerberus]

Miles - Unsecured [Cerberus]

Rat Catching - Tristia [Cerberus]

Ralph White / Sun Araw - "Lord Franklin, A Child Ballad" b/w "Thrasher" [Cerberus]

Kink Gong - Voices [Cerberus]

Pousse Mort - Electric Snake Mutilation / Elevator [Cerberus]