Earth expands tour to include their home turf because Dylan Carlson hates the rest of you [News Article]

Yes, another news piece about Noveller, this one about her tour with U.S. Girls [News Article]

Todd Haynes to film a My Morning Jacket performance, brought to you by American Express and unadulterated corporate exploitation [News Article]

Fennesz to release new 10-inch and LP, just to prove he's still the LeBron of experimental music [News Article]

Eric Copeland makes another record of music for that schizophrenic uncle of yours [News Article]

Woodsist creates subsidiary label Hello Sunshine, apparently cashing in on the hippy market [News Article]

Wet Hair cancel West Coast tour after Shawn Reed injures his knee wrestling a polar bear [News Article]

Ty Segall's new single and LP to be released by Drag City cause why the hell wouldn't they? [News Article]

Wooden Shijips sign to Thrill Jockey, like you enough to record their new album West in a studio with improved instruments [News Article]

Three Lobed (and cats) release psych comp feat. Sonic Youth, Sun City Girls, Bardo Pond, Wooden Wand, etc. [News Article]

TV Ghost released a new album called Mass Dream, but you'll pretend you already knew that, won't you? [News Article]

Thee Oh Sees to release Castlemania before you're done reading this headline [News Article]

What the heck? We're already announcing this year's What the Heck Fest? And Earth are performing?? [News Article]

Efrim Manuel Menuck of GY!BE quits music to preach the High Gospel in May (you got a better joke?) [News Article]

Emeralds reach post-pubescence and take the opportunity to tour Europe unchaperoned [News Article]

Kyle Bobby Dunn preps new album for May; confused fan accidentally orders Zakk Wylde album [News Article]

Neon Marshmallow Festival 2011 initial lineup announced; whatever you do, don't eat the marshmallows [News Article]

Thrill Jockey steps up big time for Japan with an amazing compilation and benefit sale [News Article]

The Wake 7-inches to be reissued by Captured Tracks, deemed too derivative of Franz Ferdinand [News Article]

Zs tour Europe this spring as a retreat from the fan-swarming aftermath of New Slaves' album-of-the-year status [News Article]