Mount Eerie / WOELV / FLYING [Live Blog]

Politicians Actually Not Buying FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's Attempt to "Save" Newspapers By Pushing [News Article]

EMI Labels Sue MP3tunes for Copyright Infringement; Have Still Not Mastered That Whole "Changing Bus [News Article]

Interpol Extend Tour with 2008 Dates, More Great Mysteries Unraveled After These Messages [News Article]

The Magnetic Fields Tour; Spread Way More than 69 Love Songs Across America [News Article]

CocoRosie Tour Europe, Hire New Mustache Artists [News Article]

John Vanderslice Tours in Support of Emerald City, Visits the Motherland [News Article]

The National / The Forms [Live Blog]

CMJ 2007 [Live Blog]

Jesus Tour. Shit. No. Wait. Jesus Tour. NO! God. I Mean, Jesus. SHIT! JESU TOUR!!!!!!!! [News Article]

Mountain Goats Add Tourdates with Bowerbirds (No, I Did Not Read This In Peter Hughes' Livejournal) [News Article]

Fugazi Drummer Works On New Material, Tiny Mix Tapes Staff Writer Works On Ian McKaye (WHO IS NOT D [News Article]

Thermsals tour; Smithwicks is DEEEHEEEE-LICIOUS! [News Article]

Chemical Brothers First Live Tour in Five Years; I Need To Hire A Fact-Checker [News Article]

Morrissey to Tour For the Last Time in the “Foreseeable Future”; Robert Smith Cackles fr [News Article]

Bob Dylan [Live Blog]

Zoop! Benefit! [Features]

John Vanderslice [Features]

UNKLE Make Sure They Have Some Dang Good War Stories, Enlist a Massive Attack By Queens of Th [News Article]

They Might Be Giants Ready New Album, A Certain Demographic of Nerds Rejoice [News Article]


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