Sonic Youth have big news!!!! (...about an archival release from 1985) [News Article]

Jason Lescalleet gathering up static electricity for his August US tour (which starts tonight) [News Article]

Pussy Riot found guilty, sentenced to two years [News Article]

ZS release four-disc retrospective to celebrate 10 years; Sam Hillmer renews vows with himself [News Article]

Pussy Riot trial concludes; members make closing statements [News Article]

Alleged Wisconsin shooter fronted shitty neo-Nazi band End Apathy [News Article]

Tom Recchion (LAFMS) releases first solo album in six years on Elevator Bath [News Article]

Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) announces new LP for Touch out of pure Vainity [News Article]

Sacred Bones to reissue Eraserhead OST; "Shut up!!" (baby continues to cry) [News Article]

Foot Village sign with Northern Spy, releases webmercial and sampler [News Article]

Lightning Bolt announces archival EP on Load to coincide with fall dates!!!!!!!!!!! [News Article]

Oren Ambarchi probably has a new record called Sagittarian Domain, knowing that guy [News Article]

Prurient to perform for the first time in like a year or something! [News Article]

Freedom From cassette/LP label resurrected, plans releases by Brian Chippendale, Mark Morgan (Sightings), Aaron Dilloway, Weasel Walter, Chris Corsano, and more [News Article]

Release the Bats label ends after 10 years, and it is likely your fault [News Article]

Dominick Fernow starts up new label Bed of Nails in order to get another Vatican Shadow 12-inch out there [News Article]

Northern Spy throws another music fest: Rhys Chatham, Arthur Doyle, Eugene Chadbourne, Magik Markers, 40+ others [News Article]

Diamond Terrifier plans diamondly terrifying NY shows with Arrington de Dionyso and Weasel Walter [News Article]

L A N D land on Important, new LP landing in July [News Article]

Pauline Oliveros gets 12-CD box of early tape music and cupcakes from Important Records to celebrate her 80th birthday [News Article]


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