Carla Bozulich hits the European road... in two parts [News Article]

Arrington de Dionyso takes Malaikat dan Singa out on the ethnopoetic road [News Article]

Tender Forever turns a new leaf with new album, No Snare, in June [News Article]

Hair Police hit the road with Awesome Color [News Article]

Xasthur announces final album, Portal of Sorrow (yes, it's the one with Marissa Nadler) [News Article]

Current 93 announce new LP, Baalstorm, Sing Omega, and anniversary gigs with Nurse with Wound, Comus, Andrew W.K., and Sasha Grey [News Article]

Little Women Drop New LP, Throat, Upon the World [News Article]

Belle and Sebastian To Curate ATP's Bowlie 2 [News Article]

Baby Dee sets (re-)release date for A Book of Songs for Anne Marie, tour [News Article]

These Are Powers cancel dates; RIP big red van [News Article]

Konono N°1 finally release second LP, Assume Crash Position, tour, and collaborate with Herbie Hancock [News Article]

Carpark Records signs Light Pollution, presumably in fear that all the good unsigned bands will be scooped post-SXSW [News Article]

Abe Vigoda pull out their Paul Simon records and Izod cardigans in preparation for tour with Vampire Weekend [News Article]

Nautical Almanac and Weyes Blood (ex-Jackie-O Motherfucker) tour [News Article]

Tyvek and Awesome Color set to leave a trail of scum all over the US; open wide! [News Article]

Neon Indian get vertical, join up with Mountain Dew [News Article]

Mission Creek Festival Returns to Iowa City, with Booker T, Meat Puppets, Xiu Xiu, Wet Hair, and More [News Article]

Classic 1980 Punk Film Blank Generation, Starring Richard Hell, Coming to DVD [News Article]

A Place to Bury Strangers Hit the Road with The Big Pink, Damage the Road's Eardrums [News Article]

C. Spencer Yeh Update: Burning Star Core Reissue, Yeh/Wiese 7-Inch, Live LP, and Collab with Tony Conrad and Michael F. Duch [News Article]