Monotonix - Now [Cerberus]

Owlfood - Destroyers of the Moon [Cerberus]

J. Fernandez - No Luck/Fading Out [Cerberus]

Jeff Mellin - Smile Like A Lemon Peel, Kiss Like A Paper Cut [Cerberus]

Dream Worlds - Cold Black Ragas for Love of All Forms [Cerberus]

Ex Con - Ex Con [Cerberus]

Loren Connors / Chris Forsyth - Contrasts [Cerberus]

Logansport - Beauty in Belief [Cerberus]

Shuggie Otis - Wings of Love [Music Review]

Sungod - Contackt [Cerberus]

Homeshake - The Homeshake Tape [Cerberus]

JD Emmanuel / Evan Caminiti - Contrasts [Cerberus]

Fluorescent Heights - Tidal Motions [Cerberus]

William Basinski - Shortwavemusic [Cerberus]

FWY! - Any Exit [Cerberus]

The Drunken Draculas - Dead Sounds [Cerberus]

Abyssal Farmers - Find a Name to Call Me [Cerberus]

Smokey Emery - Quartz EP [Cerberus]

Various Artists - Whatever It Is You're Doing Now [Cerberus]

Gert-Jan Prins - Gert-Jan Prins [Cerberus]


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