Elephant Micah - Globe Rush Progressions [Cerberus]

Piss Test - Piss Test EP [Cerberus]

Cross Brothers - Live at the Rat Palace [Cerberus]

Birds of Passage/Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier/Motion Sickness of Time Travel/Aloonluna - Taxidermy of Unicorns [Cerberus]

OObe - Delphi [Cerberus]

Coyote Image Medicinals - Coyote Image Medicinals [Cerberus]

Digital Natives - Coppeecuffs [Cerberus]

Oktaf O - Oktaf O [Cerberus]

Meryll Hardt - “I Can Die Happy” b/w “Lichtspiel” [Cerberus]

Josh Mason - The Symbiont [Cerberus]

Brr - Brr [Cerberus]

Robert Turman - Macro [Cerberus]

Samantha Glass - Rising Movements [Cerberus]

Lust for Youth - Chasing the Light [Cerberus]

EN/Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Split [Cerberus]

Charlatan Meets The North Sea - Charlatan Meets The North Sea [Cerberus]

Eureka - Recognitions [Cerberus]

Summer Flake - Where Do I Go? [Cerberus]

Various Artists - Shadow Colors and Maybe Insects [Cerberus]

RCBNNN - Unwanted Sounds [Cerberus]


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