Silent Land Time Machine - I am no longer with myself... [Cerberus]

Midday Veil - Subterranean Ritual II [Cerberus]

Motion Sickness of Time Travel - The Cirque [Cerberus]

John Wesley Coleman III / Gary Stewart - "Oh Woman" b/w "Ramona" [Cerberus]

Halasan Bazar - How to Be Ever Happy [Cerberus]

Fungal Abyss - Bardo Abgrund Temple [Cerberus]

LA Vampires By Octo Octa - Freedom 2K [Cerberus]

Mole House - Mole House [Cerberus]

John Wesley Coleman III - "Alone by the Door" b/w "I Want You to Be Like Everybody Else" [Cerberus]

M. Geddes Gengras - Beyond the Curtain [Cerberus]

Tropical Trash - Fear of Suffering [Cerberus]

Sam Hatzaras - 2007-2012 [Cerberus]

Ether Island - Season of Risk [Cerberus]

Jad Fair - "NOW" [Cerberus]

Good Willsmith - Is the Food Your Family Eats Slowly [Cerberus]

Lakes - Crossed with Leaves [Cerberus]

Mole House - Hey Come My Way [Cerberus]

Ttotals - Silver on Black [Cerberus]

Mad Nanna - I Hit a Wall [Cerberus]

Susurrus - Susurrus [Cerberus]


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