Spider Bags - “Papa Was a Shithead” b/w “I Wish That I Never Had Fed You” [Cerberus]

Sensate Focus - Déviation Heat-treated [Cerberus]

Thousand Foot Whale Claw - Time Brothers [Cerberus]

Satanic Rockers - Eviction [Cerberus]

Alexandre Navarro - Sketches [Cerberus]

Lichen Gumbo - Earthborn Jinzo [Cerberus]

Brian Green - Transit to the Corner [Cerberus]

Le Révélateur - Horizon Fears [Cerberus]

Window Twins - Wish [Cerberus]

Wolf Fluorescence - We're So Glad You're Home [Cerberus]

Reedbeds - Heirloom Rust Garden [Cerberus]

Journey of Mind - Oil Burner [Cerberus]

M. Akers - Mythical Abyss [Cerberus]

Long Distance Poison - Ideological State Apparatus [Cerberus]

Isle of Sodor - Goshen [Cerberus]

Annie Shaw - Shanty Awe [Cerberus]

Ryan Garbes - 1965 [Cerberus]

Silent Land Time Machine - I am no longer with myself... [Cerberus]

Midday Veil - Subterranean Ritual II [Cerberus]

Motion Sickness of Time Travel - The Cirque [Cerberus]