Demonstration Synthesis - DS7 [Cerberus]

Bre'r - A.R.M. [Cerberus]

Samantha Glass - Rising Water Perception [Cerberus]

German Army - Social Catalyst [Cerberus]

Evan A. James - Evan A. James [Cerberus]

Derek Monypeny - How Can Be [Cerberus]

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Songs of Forgiveness [Cerberus]

Smokey Emery - Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol. III [Cerberus]

Body Lvl/Hobo Cubes - Split [Cerberus]

Wckr Spgt - Top Down [Cerberus]

L.A. Lungs - Rrest [Cerberus]

Karl Fousek - Codicil [Cerberus]

Fat Creeps - Must Be Nice [Cerberus]

Sacred Product - Wastex [Cerberus]

Dick Diver - New Name Blues [Cerberus]

Eye - Winterwork [Cerberus]

King Tears Bat Trip - King Tears Bat Trip [Cerberus]

Honey Radar - Scorpions Bought Me Breakfast [Cerberus]

Will Simmons & the Upholsters - Innuendo: The Italian Way [Cerberus]

Chauchat - Wreckage [Cerberus]