Underwater Escape From the Black Hole / The Petrified Heart Of An Air Whale - split [Cerberus]

Boquillas - Boquillas [Cerberus]

Jam Money - Blowing Stones [Cerberus]

wzrdryAV - Medicinal Circuits [Cerberus]

Moss Lime - July First [Cerberus]

Piano Movers - Girlfriend's Lover [Cerberus]

Grizzly Imploded - Threatening Fragments from Four Boulders [Cerberus]

Benjamin Finger - Mood Chaser [Cerberus]

Andrew Pekler - The Prepaid Piano & Replayed [Cerberus]

Attempt - "All Over the News" b​/​w "Hawaiian Ice" [Cerberus]

Survive - HD015LP​/​540​-​046​/​LLR010 [Cerberus]

David Karsten Daniels - The Four Immeasurable Minds [Cerberus]

Elli and Bev - Might Not Look Like It To You [Cerberus]

øjeRum - There is a flaw in my iris [Cerberus]

The Frightening Lights - The Frightening Lights [Cerberus]

Mind Over Mirrors - The Voice Calling [Cerberus]

New Cowboy Builders - Black Moses [Cerberus]

Mechanimal - Secret Science [Cerberus]

Bryan Counter & Satchel Forrester - Twice Stopped [Cerberus]

Poi - Teenage Dolomites [Cerberus]