Guenter Schlienz - Treehut Visions [Cerberus]

Joe Houpert/Nathan McLaughlin/Cody Yantis/Josh Mason - Line Drawings [Cerberus]

Ray Creature - Don't Stop Talking EP [Cerberus]

Disguised as Birds - We Buy Gold [Cerberus]

Sick Hyenas - Sick Hyenas [Cerberus]

Zach Phillips - Recorded in Hell [Cerberus]

Christophe Bailleau - Sonic Pool Hypnose Club [Cerberus]

M. Mucci - Midnights [Cerberus]

Michael Wohl - "Moonfeeder" b/w "Song of Impermanence" [Cerberus]

Dry Socket - Violator EP [Cerberus]

Richard Riggs - Karoshi [Cerberus]

Demonstration Synthesis - DS3 [Cerberus]

Stay At Home Dads - Break Fast [Cerberus]

Hiroyuki Usui - Sings the Blues [Cerberus]

DF Lull - Pressing Schedule [Cerberus]

Various Artists - FSDC Vol. 3 [Cerberus]

Brave Radar - Message Centre [Cerberus]

Unicity - Self-Titled [Cerberus]

Various Artists - BRAINCLUB Vol. II [Cerberus]

Les Halles - Invisible Cities [Cerberus]


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