The Christmas Bride - (He's Not a) Mongreloid [Cerberus]

Amen Dunes - Spoiler [Cerberus]

Benjamin Finger - Listen to My Nerves Hum [Cerberus]

Hobo Cubes / Taiwan - split [Cerberus]

Mad Nanna - I Wanna See You [Cerberus]

The Courtneys - The Courtneys [Cerberus]

Sneaky Snake - Eventide [Cerberus]

Helen - Felt This Way [Cerberus]

The Red Falcon Projects - Simply Ravishing [Cerberus]

Lantern - Rock 'N' Roll Rorschach [Cerberus]

Magik Markers [Features]

Summons of Shining Ruins - The Sky Sings to Us [Cerberus]

Thaniel Ion Lee - Ambiguity Makes the Confusing Seem Normal [Cerberus]

Clearing - Threat [Cerberus]

Günter Schlienz / Kyle Landstra / N Chambers / Cliffsides - Swim Trunks [Cerberus]

John Thill - Water Wars [Cerberus]

Thee Open Sex [Chocolate Grinder]

Rangefinder - Night Ride [Cerberus]

MTNS - All Songs Are Spells [Cerberus]

Psychic Baos - Nuh-Uh: Death of Bob Plant [Cerberus]