Hopewell / Saints & Lovers [Live Blog]

Bis Reunites (And Mom, It's Pronounced "Biss," Not "Buys." I Don't Go In for That Sort of Thing) [News Article]

Jimmy Buffet: Bitching Away in Litigationville [News Article]

Coolest High School Computer Teacher Ever Captures Your Heart... With a Heart-Shaped Record; Details [News Article]

How Do You Call Your Lover Boy? Me? I Yell, "NEW YORK DOLLS TOURDATES!" [News Article]

You Like Jello Biafra? The Guys on the Football Team Say He's for FAQs [News Article]

Universal Announces Plan to Replace the Word "Band" with "Brand"; Big Brother Calls the Move "Double [News Article]

Music Chains Boycott The Scissor Sisters [News Article]

David Bowie Shows His Sexy Cheekbones in Public to Benefit Ailing Children; Scarlett Johnansson is a [News Article]

The Rapture Tour U.S. and Canada; Confused Christian Fundamentalists Buy Tickets, Are in for Big Sur [News Article]

TMT Fills the Whole Front Page with the Catchiest Words We Can Find: "New Pornographers Tour" [News Article]

European Indie Labels to Vivendi's Universal Music: Put It Back in Your Pants; TMT to American Indie [News Article]

Weird Al Yankovic [Features]


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