Wye Oak extend fall tour to include dates with The Mountain Goats and David Bazan, but they're really just afraid to go home and deal with their overbearing mothers [News Article]

Is anyone else besides me excited for the Gary Numan vinyl box set? [News Article]

Woven Bones sign to Hardly Art and expand fall tour as I waste time thinking up jokes about Woven Boners [News Article]

Make a love connection at Southern Lord's "Power of the Riff" fest [News Article]

Is that buried treasure or just Broken Social Scene? Treasure Island festival anounces lineup [News Article]

Jimi Hendrix has gotten enough posthumous praise, so let's give him a posthumous lawsuit! Former bandmate sues [News Article]

I-Dosing: teens use music to get high! And not just in that "high on life" way, but the REAL kinda high! [News Article]

Duran Duran, Vivian Girls, Devendra Banhart (and others!) cover David Bowie for benefit CD [News Article]

The Apples in Stereo travel through space and time and end up in Denver [News Article]

Oh my god oh my god oh my god! My third favorite John Coltrane album is being reissued on vinyl! Three others too! [News Article]

Ratatat tour North America as everyone's favorite sound-effect from G.I. Joe [News Article]

Big Boi names his next solo album Daddy Fat Sax in honor of the great service he received at White Castle [News Article]

OM reunite with DO to bring doom to Australia on their first tour of the continent [News Article]

Does the sun make music? Scientists say "Why indeed it does, and it sounds like Kevin Drumm!" [News Article]

Antibalas have a busy summer and spread afrobeat across America like your mom spreads for me [News Article]

I'm always saying that such and such show would be great to get high and go to, but you should really get high and go to this show: Sleep announce fall tour [News Article]

Early 70s Michael Yonkers LP Goodby Sunball to be reissued in limited quantities, go out of print again, and be reissued again in another 36 years [News Article]

DOOM announces European tour as well as plans to conquer the nation of Latveria [News Article]

Hey, here's a dumb idea, let's give the new Arcade Fire album eight different covers! [News Article]

Four-day vinyl music festival planned for July; it's called Vinyl Music Festival... [News Article]