Sunset Rubdown [Live Blog]

Flaming Lips to Participate in Coolest Halloween Event Ever, Next to Those Games Where Your Mom Make [News Article]

Run-D.M.C., Metallica, and The Stooges Nominated for Rock and/or Roll Hall O' Fame -- No, Run-D.M.C. [News Article]

Ted Leo Mad As Hell at Police, Not Gonna Take It Anymore; Releases EP to Prove It [News Article]

N.W.A. Compilation N.W.A. And Their Family Tree To See Release in September; I Wish I Was Inv [News Article]

Music Tapes' Julian Koster Organizes Elephant 6 March Across America with The Holiday Surprise Tour; [News Article]

Wolf Parade Announce Tour; I Get Closer to a Complete Set [News Article]

Toby Keith a Democrat? You Decide. [News Article]

Frisco Freakout Lineup Announced -- Anybody want some LSD? I just need a place to cook! [News Article]

Master P Officially Changes Name to P. Miller; Official Name Still Just Percy Miller [News Article]

Long-Anticipated Documentary Beach Boys and The Satan to See Release in September [News Article]

Rage Against the Machine Announce Show in Minneapolis During Republican National Convention [News Article]

Virgin Mobile Fest Announces Lineup, Two Days of Full-Length Sets from “All A-List” Acts [News Article]

Sunset Rubdown Announce Tour, Kid Midnight Makes Plans for October 4 [News Article]

Cancer Has Been Cured, Atlantis Has Been Discovered, Dr. Dre Announces that Detox Will Come O [News Article]

Ratatat Release New Album, Enter Billboard Chart for First Time, Tour the U.S., Clean-Up Street Crim [News Article]

Peanut Butter Wolf to Play 8 Shows in 8 days at 8 Clubs, Me to Eat 8 Peanut Butter Sandwiches [News Article]

Sarge! Ant Peppers Only, Arts Club Band -- "Mondegreen" Officially Added to the Merriam-Webster Dict [News Article]

Best Buy to Try Vinyl Sales Again, Asks Self: “Didn't We Used To Sell This?” [News Article]

Emmylou Harris - Pieces of the Sky [DeLorean]