of Montreal coming to YOUR city to say "thanks!" [News Article]

Pull out your Walkman! Akron/Family to release new album on cassette via Joyful Noise [News Article]

Take that, recession! Vinyl sales increase as music industry slides closer to the shit-hole [News Article]

Beasties Boys' Adam Yauch says reports of him being cancer-free are "exaggerated" [News Article]

Explosions in the Sky head back to Europe for first tour since 2008 (and to pick up pizza from that great place in Naples) [News Article]

Spotify's US launch delayed again because the major labels are playing tough to get [News Article]

Boris release live DVD to make sure your house is at least a little cool [News Article]

The Decemberists in talks to create musical; will it be about a 19th-century soldier returning home from a whaling voyage? Only time will tell [News Article]

Tape Deck Mountain ready new EP for January release, fans upset they can't play it on a tape deck [News Article]

Google to implement new anti-piracy measures; piracy keeps on trucking [News Article]

Axl Rose ain't no Guitar Hero, sues videogame publishers for $20 million [News Article]

What movie am I talking about? Back to the Future the Ride to release free album Tron Legacy [News Article]

The Pogues are coming to your town for a shot and a beer, also playing shows [News Article]

Jack White shows his devotion to antiquated technology by announcing that the first three White Stripes LPs will be reissued on vinyl [News Article]

Strange forces conspire to keep Idlewild out of America... could it be the Tea Party? [News Article]

Wilco: The Coffee makes its grand debut; dads everywhere ecstatic they don't have to go to the Bucks anymore [News Article]

Thom Yorke wants you to do stuff, and you like doing stuff, right? [News Article]

Wolves in the Throne Room announce tour of Europe and Seattle, plan to eat elk [News Article]

Pulp or no Pulp? Jarvis Cocker sides with Pulp and reunites his old band for Primavera [News Article]

Tom Waits heads back to the Asylum to reissue albums and pick up the wallet he left there in 1975 [News Article]