Asa-Chang & Junray - Senaka [Music Review]

David Grubbs - A Guess at the Riddle [Music Review]

Ekkehard Ehlers - Soundchambers (w/ Joseph Suchy and Franz Hautzinger) [Music Review]

Franz Hautzinger - Soundchambers (w/ Ekkehard Ehlers and Joseph Suchy) [Music Review]

Fred Lonberg-Holm - Eruption (with Weasel Walter & Kevin Drumm) [Music Review]

Günter Müller - Strange Love [Music Review]

Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong [Music Review]

Jono El Grande - Fevergreens [Music Review]

Joseph Suchy - Soundchambers (w/ Ekkehard Ehlers and Franz Hautzinger) [Music Review]

Kaspar T. Toeplitz - Le Depeupler (with Zbigniew Karkowski) [Music Review]

Kevin Drumm - Eruption (with Weasel Walter & Fred Lonberg-Holm) [Music Review]

Kevin Drumm - Land of Lurches [Music Review]


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