Pharmakon gears up for new album <em>Bestial Burden</em>, out October 14 [News Article]

Laura Jean [Chocolate Grinder]

Jeremih mixtape coming 8/4 + new video [News Article]

Brian Eno's ambient soundscapes not just for uncomfortable airports anymore, could be used in the emergency room [News Article]

Tips on getting a dope body with Dope Body, who have a new album coming out in October! [News Article]

Soul Jazz Records are releasing 'Tropicalia: Ou Panis et Circencis'. The Definitive 1968 Classic Brazilian Album [News Article]

Scott Walker and sunn O))) get <cite>Soused</cite> this September [News Article]

Oren Ambarchi releasing new album on Editions Mego in September, is somehow not tired [News Article]

Independent labels join forces against unfair digital streaming practices with Fair Digital Deal Declaration [News Article]

Pallbearer to tour North America, quickly bring doom and gloom to Fun Fun Fun Fest [News Article]

Ryuichi Sakamoto has throat cancer, will take time off to regain health [News Article]

Alvarius B announces tour dates, probably not coming to a city near you [News Article]

Awesome Tapes From Africa to release Senegalese album <cite>Liital</cite> by Aby Ngana Diop [News Article]

18+ putting out actual, physical release that can be touched, held, felt: "Crow"/"Horn" 7-inch on Houndstooth out in August [News Article]

Dama/Libra (former members of sunn O))) and Silkworm) release track off upcoming Northern Spy album <cite>Claw</cite>, tour the galactic halo [News Article]

Thrill Jockey to reissue White Hills' 2007 album <cite>Glitter Glamour Atrocity</cite>, thrilling vampires everywhere [News Article]

Liturgy reissuing <cite>Renihilation</cite> and touring as a quartet again!!! [News Article]

HBO basically replacing <cite>Game of Thrones</cite> with new Beyoncé concert series [News Article]

Negativland release un-mixed "U2" track in wake of Casey Kasem's death, encourage fans to reinvent said track [News Article]

Vancouver's New Forms Festival initial lineup includes Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca, copeland, Hieroglyphic Being, Visionist, DJ Earl, and more [News Article]


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